Top Tips For Camping in the Snow

Top Tips For Camping in the Snow

Oct 23, 2018, 2:21:22 AM Life and Styles

Whether you are planning a winter highland trek or a january hike, keeping warm during your snowy camping adventure is key to enjoying your trip. Weather conditions when camping - especially really cold or windy conditions - can render your trip un-enjoyable or even dangerous. But there are things that you can do to keep those frost bites and uncomfortable weather conditions at bay. It is important that you take all of the relevant equipment with you. Camping in sub-zero temperatures can be detrimental to your health. So make sure you are prepared with these (and other) top tips!

Layers are Key

Layering up is an obvious way that you can stay insulated and comfortable when embarking on your winter camping trip. Whether you are going for a one night camp or a fortnight trek, layering up is a surefire way to keep you protected from cold weather. This is especially important when camping in sub-zero temperatures. Remember that the temperatures drop significantly at night. If you are cold during the day when you are moving around and the sun is out then just imagine what it will be like when the sun drops down. You can find some great affordable layers by using online Discount Promo Codes. You can find some great specialist retailers of camping gear where you can be sure that you are getting the most protective clothing for your trip.

Take Hand Warmers with You

Hand warmers are a great way to help keep you warm at night. Plus they have been known to fight off hypothermia and even save lives. Taking some lithium hand warmers with you could be the difference between an enjoyable or detrimental camping trip. These are great tools for keeping you warm at night and during the day. You simply have to crack them to release the heat.

Get the Right Shoes

Having the right shoes during your winter camping trip is essential. Make sure you pick a well insulated pair that are going to protect your socks and feet from getting wet as this can cause chilblains in the feet. You also need to make sure that the boots you choose are both comfortable and have good grip. The grip on your shoes are imperative to keeping you from slipping over. When camping during the winter snow and ice are a definite risk. Be prepared by investing in a pair of boots with great grip and durability.

Get Your Tent Up Early

It is definitely worth remembering that the sun drops down behind the earth very early during the winter. In some countries the sun only comes out for a few hours! Make sure that you are putting your tent up in good time. You don't want to be fumbling around with your tent in the dark and you definitely don't want to be left without somewhere to sleep. We would recommend giving yourself a couple of hours before sunset to get your tent up and food in your belly. Make sure you take an alarm clock with you to get this done. You can also watch out for any extreme weather conditions. If you can feel the wind picking up and the snow falling faster than it might be time to set up shop. You don't want to wait for the weather to get too bad before pitching your tent!

Consider Bringing a Shovel with You

If the weather conditions do end up being detrimental then it is always worth taking a shovel with you. This may be a lot to carry - especially if you are going on a hike - but taking this tool can be the difference between comfort and danger. Use the shovel to move any snow on the ground into a mini wall around your tent. This will help to fight off some of the wind that whips up and underneath the tent. You can also use the snow as an anchor to keep your tents edges down. Simply pile the snow up around the edges of the tent and pat it down to keep it in place. This will help the stability of your tent in rough weather conditions. You can find plenty of other handy goods like this from Blacks. This specialist camping retailer will have everything you need for a great camping trip, plus you can use Blacks promo codes to make savings.

Keep things Dry

Keeping things dry is another top tip for surviving a camping trip in the cold. If any of your clothing gets wet then it may freeze when it becomes too cold. This is especially problematic for things like socks where the moisture around your toes may begin to freeze. To avoid this, make sure to dry out any of your damp clothing before going to sleep at night. You can use the flames from a gas stove to speed up the drying process, but make sure that you do this with caution.

There are plenty of things that you need to consider when camping in the snow and being safe is the main concern. Use tips like layering up, taking hand warmers, getting the right boots, setting up camp early, bringing a shovel and keeping things dry to help you plan. It is not only important that you are well prepared and safe, but that enjoy the experience too! So get prepared and set off on the winter camping trip of a lifetime!

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