Top Tips for Visiting The World's Best Safaris

Top Tips for Visiting The World's Best Safaris

Oct 23, 2018, 2:18:22 AM Life and Styles

Choosing Which Safari to Take

One of the first things that you need to consider before embarking on your safari is what is is that you want from it. Are you explicitly interested in seeing the big five animals, or are you more interested in the mode of safari (i.e. kanoe or quad bike)? Are you there to get a real feel for the rough terrain and wild environment that these animals live in or are you looking for a more relaxed approach? Either way figuring out what it is that you want from the experience is a great way to settle on which safari is right for you. Some people prefer an element of involvement whereas others prefer to sit back and observe. Decide what works for you!

An Example of the Types of Safari Available:

The African Safari by Horseback

One of the most incredible, life changing and majestic ways to experience a safari is on horseback. This african safari seeks to track the big five for its adventurers while on the back of a horse. The experience is one unrivaled. The freedom that comes with riding a horse gives you an opportunity to be involved in the animal world. The element of speed and wild adventure that comes with travelling by horseback can really be felt on this ultimate safari. Seek out and watch the likes of lions, leopards, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephants trek the wild landscape of Africa.

Top Tip: Carrying equipment is a little more tricky on this safarri, make sure you have your camera within easy access on the houses saddle in order to capture those all important photographs!

Kruger National Park

This is by far one of the most eclecting and well renowned safari parks in Africa. Its national park status, luxury game-watching lodges and abundance of wildlife makes it one of the best safaris to visit. It really is a region of wild beauty and untamed land. The big five wonder the region in abundance and your personal guide will be able to give you all the information on the region that you could possibly need. This would be a marvelous safari to visit if you are heading out on a honeymoon!

Top Tip: This is one of the more expensive safari trips that you can take. In order to save on expenses you’ll have to set a budget for elsewhere on your travels. A great way of saving on your flight is by checking out some online promo codes. There are some great cheap Newcastle Airport Parking deals online at the moment that you can benefit from!

Victoria Falls Safari

This is a truly magnificent safari experience. Not only do you stand a great chance of seeing the most renowned safari animals in the world, but you can also view the enormity of Victoria Falls. The might, power and immense size of this waterfall is not for the faint hearted. You’ll be so amazed by the landscape that you may even forget that you have come to see animals!

Top Tip: Take a look at the way that you want to explore this beautiful region. You can choose to travel both by vehicle and by boat on your safari. Plus most of the time you can spot rhinoceros from game-watching lodges or even by air! Make sure you pick the best form of viewing these animals for you!

What to take on Your Safari

Deciding on what you want to take on your safari is an important factor in whether or not you will enjoy it. Some of the more fun things to remember to pack include:

  • A Camera: This is one of the most important things that you should take on your safari, especially if you want to both remember it and show it off. Even if you can only take a small one with you, these are things that you are going to want to remember seeing. So take as many photos as you can!

  • Some Binoculars: These are a great way of viewing animals or parts of the landscape that are further away. Make sure you invest in a good pair of binoculars to help you see all of those spectacular creatures and sights!

  • Khaki or Beige Coloured Clothing: This one may seem a little strange but it is always recommended that you wear these colours when out on a safari. They help you to blend into the landscape of these animal’s environment. Though usually tame, some of these creatures are known to be aggressive and even deadly, and wearing camouflage colours and patterns can help keep the peace between animal and viewer.

So whatever safari that you choose to take, you can use these tips to help you have the best possible time. Remember to consider where you want to go, check out cheap airport parking options to get the best prices, consider which mode of transport to take and pack the relevant items. So go ahead and enjoy your next safari today!


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