Want to Quit Smoking? Vaping is Your Answer

Want to Quit Smoking? Vaping is Your Answer

Apr 18, 2019, 5:33:42 AM Life and Styles

Have you thought of trying to quit smoking? Then, you're not alone. Nearly seven out of ten smokers try to stop the habit. Taking this step is among the best things you can do for your body and health. Remember, smoking takes a toll on various organs in your body, including the heart.

Nearly, a third of all heart-related deaths emanate from smoking cigarette and secondhand smoke. But stopping the habit is not easy.

Nicotine, the main products in cigarettes is highly addictive. Any attempt to stop causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Vaping- inhaling a vaporized liquid- offers the transition from conventional smoking to no smoking at all.

In this post, we focus on how to quit smoking and the role vaping plays in the exercise.

1. Gets Rid of Tooth Stains, Yellow Skin, and Bad Odor

Smoking tobacco produces a very potent odor that persists in your clothes, breath, and lungs for long.

Smokers know that burning tobacco and inhaling these chemicals isn't good for their health. It ages the skin, stains the fingers and interferes with their blood circulation. The persistent smell remains in their environment for long.

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn't involve the burning of chemicals. You inhale an e-vapor leaving no smell at all. The vapor smells better with a short term scent.

2. Saves you Money

Switch to vaping and save on money. A chain smoker spends a lot of money on tobacco.

However, once you shift to e-cigarettes, you'll only buy a single kit that's highly durable. It's estimated that making this switch helps you save half of the money you were spending on cigarettes.

As technology advances, vaping products are improved, gets cheaper, and raises their performance.

3. Eliminates Fire Hazards

E-vaping doesn't involve any actual burning.

Protect yourself, your family, and the environment by avoiding an open flame that can start fires, burn furniture and leave holes in your clothes.

4. Improves the Quality of Your Health

A regular cigarette contains chemicals that are harmful to your body functions and health.

Research shows that these chemicals can lead to pneumonia, heart stroke, circulation problems, and cancer.

Many smokers report feeling better after making the switch. Also, studies show that vaping is not as harmful as using smoking cigars.

5. Gains Social Acceptance

Social acceptance plays a critical role in the recovery of a patient. Smoking tobacco is seen as a vice leading to enactment of legal restrictions against the behavior.

The negative aspects of smoking hurts your social life. For instance, it's likely to strain your relationship, especially where the partner doesn't smoke.

Vaping produces a lighter and pleasant scent for any person around you.


Switching from conventional smoking to vaping has several benefits. It allows you to take your daily dose of nicotine while eliminating the fire hazard issues, stains, bad smell while offering an improvement to your feel and function. Even better, using these e-vapors doesn't suffocate your lungs allowing them to expand and function effectively.


Published by Matthew Piggot

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