Why Solar Water heater: Reasons to have it in home

Why Solar Water heater: Reasons to have it in home

Nov 17, 2018, 10:40:23 AM Life and Styles

Power bills take quite a good chunk of homeowners’ income. For this reason, homeowners are finally realizing the need to have energy-efficient systems in their homes. Solar water heaters, for example, are increasingly becoming popular.

Solar water heaters use energy from the sun to heat water stored in tanks. The water-heating process often happens during the day. The heaters provide hot water even on cloudy days. The heated water can be used in various ways including cleaning, washing, bathing, among other uses.

Importantly ensure that installation is done by a team of professionals to ensure that you get the best deals and it is done to the right standards. In modern times, a lot of companies have specialized in this area and it is easy to find on in your locality.

These are some of the top reasons to have solar water heaters installed in your home:

Reduction of energy bills

There is no payment required in order to get energy from the sun. The only amount you are supposed to cough up is the installation fee. Once the solar water heaters are installed, electricity consumption will be greatly reduced. This will cut on the cost of the bills leading to more saving. If you reside in areas where the sun is available throughout, you will enjoy hot water throughout the year and the amount you often save will increase significantly.

Reduction in carbon footprint

Everyone should take part in reducing pollution wherever they are. If you depend on natural resources like oil or gas to heat water in your home, the carbon footprint will be very high in your area. Instead, adopt the free energy resources to create an environment with less pollution. Solar energy does not emit gases that lead to environmental pollution. It also feels good to know that you are contributing to making your surrounding more habitable.

Continual supply of hot water

Power cuts can be a disappointment especially when you need hot water for urgent needs. Some areas experience power surge and power cuts every other time. After installation of the solar water heaters, ensure eco-hot water heaters have been installed. These water heaters will supply your household with hot water every time you need it, regardless of whether there are power cuts or not. This is a very convenient means, especially in a household where with several members living around.

Less maintenance costs

If you have made an investment in solar water heaters, you are at a greater advantage because these energy efficient systems require very maintenance in general. Once they have been installed, the heaters may go for many months without facing any maintenance needs. You will only need to have the tubes cleaned after a long time if you receive hard water in your home.

Financial incentives

Solar water heaters can provide you with additional discounts on your bills. For example, there are states as well as countries that provide rebates and tax credits to homeowners who have installed or they are in the process of installing solar water heaters in their homes. In such cases, there are officials who are sent to verify the solar heater installation and after validation, the incentives are provided to the homeowners. This will definitely lower the amount you would have paid for the heaters.

Several organizations and even some government programs reward users and contributors to green energy handsomely. This can significantly reduce your costs of running the home while increasing your chances of participating in beneficial programs.

Added value

As homeowners continue to invest in renewable energy, the value of their homes also shoots upwards. The one-time investment will see the home get a higher perceived value when you finally decide to sell it. You will only be required to maintain the heaters well. Energy-sufficient houses are in demand. You will reap higher profits from the buyers who seek such houses.

An intensive analysis carried out by lecturers from the University of Melbourne and University of Cambridge indicated that people are valuing energy efficiency in their home choices and this factor is heavily influencing their decision. Data analyzed consisted of transactions done between 2011-2016.


Solar water heaters are essential and are becoming even more popular as the world seeks to utilize more green energy. The fact that they use energy that is abundant and unrestricted in their use is reason enough to have them installed in your home. You will also be making your contribution towards an unpolluted planet, making the world a better place to live in. In addition, having uninterrupted hot water in your home is something to be joyful for.

Clearly, the benefits that come with the installation of power solar heaters are immense. At a time when the world is grappling with pollution and other challenges, this would be an important and profitable venture in your home.


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