There’s a billion little stars in the sky tonight and not a soul in sight. The peacefulness that surrounds me is intoxicating. A breath of fresh air and a midnight drink, listening to the train whistle from miles away. ~MDF

As I sit here staring at the screen unsure of what to write I have a thousand thoughts running through my head mainly about this man I love who also absolutely annoys the shit out of me. We’ve been together for a year an a half so I think that gives me right to complain a little here. Maybe complain a lot ..

We don’t go out to eat anywhere we have to sit down because he doesn’t like people. Well neither do I but I like to show off my man, I like to spoil him every now an then. His other reason is because he has Gerd which he says causes him to not eat much in the first place and then constantly feels like he’s choking. It drives me insane how much he complains about it when I’ve done everything and anything other than drugging him and forcing him to see a Doctor. Everything from helping him make healthier choices which he then ignores as soon as I’m gone and at home for a couple days. Looking up the diet that he should be following and foods he shouldn’t be eating along with drinks he should avoid. But of course he is doing exactly what he shouldn’t be doing and then complains every day.

We don’t do much of anything as a “couple”. We’ve been to the movies twice by ourselves. Out to eat at a sit down restaurant maybe twice, anything more than that is a drive-thru. I have to argue with him to go anywhere even Wal-mart. His answer is always no, but as soon as it’s something he wants to do then we jump an do it.

It hasn’t always been this way, it’ feels like as soon as he realized I wasn’t going anywhere and that I was in this relationship for the long haul that things started to get this way. His mom spoiled the shit out of him when he was younger and still continues to do so and I honestly think that that is part of our issue, because he refuses to see an acknowledge any of his faults.

Did I mention that I love this man. He is everything I’ve ever wanted. He has done so much to help me, supports me in my decisions, pushes me to be a better more patient person, and loves me for me. I know I annoy the shit out of him to, he just doesn’t express his frustration like I do and that to a point bothers me. I want to know what I do that bothers him so I can fix it, so I can be a better girlfriend.

Published by Maxine Frantz

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