5 Tips For Picking Out Paint Colors

5 Tips For Picking Out Paint Colors

Jun 1, 2023, 5:26:23 AM Business

Picking out a paint color for your home isn't as easy as it sounds. Paint colors can look so different depending on where they are located. So, how can you determine what paint color is right for you and your space? Let's take a look at some of the best tips for picking out your paint colors.

5 Tips For Picking Out Paint Colors

The Darkest Color Is The Best Color

When you are considering a color on a paint strip, be careful. Oftentimes these colors look to be the same but they aren't. Every step of the paint color is tinted. A good tip is to focus on the darker colors. The darker colors tend to be the truest to what it will look like in your home and these are the more saturated colors. Pay attention to the underlying color tones of the strip.

Surfaces Are Different

Greg Dallaire, Realtor in Green Bay says, “Every surface in your home is different. When you paint a ceiling other colors than white, be sure to pick a color on the lighter side, even a shade lighter than you think you should go.” Color will always appear darker on a ceiling rather than on a wall. If you are painting the floor you also want to go one to two shades lighter because the color on the floor will seem darker too. Always hold your paint chip colors against while so that you can see the true color. If you are holding it against other colors it can throw off the tones of the paint.


Saturation of color is everything. You have to consider the natural light in the room you are painting and how saturated it will be. For your walls, you should find the color you want and then go one shade darker than that so you can prevent the color from being asked out by light. You will be happier when you pick the color that has more saturation.

Enough Paint

When you select your color at the store, your paint will be mixed with the tinted base and other colors to create the color you chose. This means that there will not be a paint can that is exactly the same as the other. They will be very close but they won't be the same. To avoid this issue when it comes to painting you want to buy more paint than you think you need. A good idea is to buy a five-gallon bucket and mix the cans together before you paint. This means you will have a cohesive color throughout your entire paint project.


When in doubt, buy the sample. It is worth your time to buy the samples you want and paint them on your walls to see how it looks with the light and other paint colors in your home. This will give you a better picture of what it will look like versus using a pint swatch.

In Conclusion

Painting a room can really lift and change the space. While you start searching for your perfect paint color, consider these tips so you can be sure to be confident in the choices you make.


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