Oct 26, 2017, 9:17:47 PM Creative

I am jealous

of the people around you

I am jealous

of them being  close to you

I wish I was them

sitting next to you

I wish I could be the one

The reason behind that bright smile of you


I wish I could be the one you chose to love you

Baby, just this time

Allow me think about us

Let me think of the possibilities

That one day, we could be together

In truth,   in spirit                   

Not just in fantasies


I wish I was the wind

That touches your skin, the one you're breathing in

I wish I was one of the billion stars

That glimmers through the dark

and gives hope to your utmost painful hours


If only I could be the sun

I would embrace you fully with warmth

I would bravely come out with brightness,

Shining through- enough to break the past                                                                  

You can't untangle from darkness 


Because baby

I found a love

that is untouchable

I am so in love

With a man that's unreachable

But I believe that there is a God

Who is able

He is the God of Love,

The love that conquers all



A love that I never saw coming, nor expected

It was bittersweet

You were so unreal

A love I dream of having....

If only I was given the chance 

I'd give my heart out just for a single dance


But to my misadventure

I am just a girl too far

Envious of them

Who creates memories with you each day

I know, this pain would leave me a scar....



Published by Mayne Andaya

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