Why does AI matchmaking equals event success?

AI matchmaking

Did you ever notice how quickly the world has adapted to the new normal? 2020 was surely a difficult year for most of us and we still are coping up with the damage caused by the novel coronavirus. But we did find explicit techniques to cover our losses and came up with more advanced and captivating event solutions in order to entice audience engagement in a more convincing manner. 

In response to delivering successful events, many event organizers have asked us this question regarding- How will virtual & hybrid events shape the future of the event industry? or How will it help the audience to grow their interaction level with like-minded participants?

It won’t be wrong to say that AI matchmaking tools can contribute a huge percentage in the near future. This has been confirmed by many experts and tech-specialists long ago. Today, the event industry has reached precipitous heights in every aspect due to the existence of artificial intelligence. 

The industry was shaken by the storm after we encountered some latest technologies which were far beyond our reach during traditional events. This boosted our way of organising events during the pandemic. If you haven’t realized yet, AI matchmaking tool is everywhere right from google home to Movie recommendations on Netflix and much more. 

But if you are wondering what role does AI matchmaking play in an event or how it will bring success to your events this blog will help in giving all the valuable insights about everything you need to know about artificial intelligence. 

What is AI-Powered Matchmaking? 

AI matchmaking is defined as knowledge and skills portrayed by machines. It provides information about humans in a different format. It exclusively deducts any type of consciousness and emotions from an event which makes it a problem-solving tool within a fraction of time. 

Basically, AI matchmaking gathers information about registrants and then carefully puts all the details in the list appropriately. This data is then used by attendees in order to find relevant participants that match their interests to have a real-time conversation during the event hassle-free. Utilising this data collecting device in your event can make your virtual event networking easy and engaging for attendees effortlessly. According to many event techies, artificial intelligence is going to become a user-friendly, convenient, and easy to use the device in the upcoming years. 

How will AI matchmaking impact your event success?

Artificial intelligence is an effective feature that can benefit an exhibitor in the most extraordinary format. The list of attendees that this tool curates can help exhibitors analyze participants and get in touch with the interested ones seamlessly. As AI matchmaking derives the correct information regarding attendees it becomes a less time consuming tool for users. 

Attendees don’t have to spend their precious time looking for people with whom they can interact and communicate. All this can be done by simply clicking on the participant list and looking out for people who have the highest interest just as to them. Attendees can also schedule meetings with other attendees and exhibitors at their own convenience. AI matchmaking has endless advantages for organisers, exhibitors, and audiences. Below we have enlisted a few impactful benefits that you must know before choosing an AI matchmaking functionality to cutrate the most successful virtual event throughout! Time to get started! 

How does AI matchmaking provide benefits to virtual events?

We all know that time is an asset for businesses and local attendees. AI-powered networking, at its core, can accumulate human envision. It can make our task proceedings easier and invest our time effectively. 

1. Boost Analytics 

In order to curate appropriate analytics AI networking software has the ability to derive information from the data provided by human entities. This is a great networking tool for attendees as they can find their interested prospects and exhibitors seamlessly and also helps in comprehending various factors of the event briefly to participants. 

The software also gives access to an event planner to calculate the overall performance of the event efficiently and rectifies errors and solves event-related problems instantly. 

2. Better Networking 

After traditional events were canceled, people were looking for new ways to enhance their network opportunities. Virtual events enabled them to do so with the help of AI matchmaking features. Through this tool, exhibitors can easily get in touch with target attendees and take forward their interaction freely and whenever required. AI matchmaking software is one of the brilliant features that can help expand your networking capabilities and enable organizers to reach a wider part of the audience. 

3. Derives Accurate Details 

The AI networking tool is specially designed to elucidate accurate details about visitors. Both organizers and attendees can take advantage of this feature in a unique manner- prospects can easily find similar mindset individuals on the platform without wasting time and energy whereas planners can easily keep a record of various factors during the virtual event. The information derived from attendees is further saved in a safe and secure environment. These details can help event organizers to improve their event tactics and deliver more comprehensive events in the future. 

4. Helps exhibitors to maximize their reach

Before any brand chooses to exhibit their products at your virtual event platform, their only focus is on maximizing their reach and uplifting their brand visibility. If you are offering them what they are looking for, the chances of making your event successful intensifies. Having an AI-powered matchmaking feature at your event can ensure your sponsors reach their goals with utmost ease. Through this feature, exhibitors can build better connections with event prospects while at the same time boost their engagement level. 


As we get involved in more and more event technologies, it is undoubtedly clear that virtual events are only going to provide better opportunities to its customers. If you are looking for a solution to upscale your event ambiance and promote an appealing event, incorporating AI-based problem-solving tools can do your thing! 

This tool can assure a better customer experience by enhancing their interaction tactics with attendees across the world. The above-mentioned article can help you reach the extreme potentials of your event and help you expand your learning skills seamlessly. 

Happy Networking!

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Written by Mayra Shaikh


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