Peaky Blinders: Brilliant is not enough

A friend of mine recommended the show 'Peaky Blinders' starring Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Annabelle Wallis and Helen McCory, a couple of months back. I read about the show but I never got down to watching it. However, when I did watch it I realize two important things: one it is full of cliches and second I don't care. 

Based on the exploits of a Birmingham gang in 1920s, the fiction show starring Cillian Murphy, the show is full of great moments. It feels like 'The Godfather' at times as there are many parallels. The second son of the family takes over the family business after coming back. The son is ruthless and highly intelligent, distant from everybody and is trying to demolish all the competition. While the iconic 'Godfather' is lengthy and less violent, Peaky Blinders is violent, looks certainly better and thoroughly enjoyable. As it is only for an hour, there are hardly any fillers and which are present they give out stellar performances. 

Coupled with great background music and soundtrack, Cillian Murphy and crew's Peaky Blinders manage to completely captivate you with their acting skills. The bartender-spy played by Annabelle Wallis seems tacked on at times, with her character eventually reduced to nothing more than just another love angle. On the other hand, Helen McCory's Polly steals the show with her strong character. If there is one thing different from Godfather and Peaky Blinders, it is the gender of the head of the family. Godfather is patriarchal while Peaky Blinders is initially matriarchal. I can't wait to watch more the episodes as I highly await Tom Hardy's appearance. Tom Hardy-Cillian Murphy, that is going to be absolutely brilliant. 


Published by Mayur Wadhwani


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