Catch Up with The Latest Trends on Men's Aviator Jackets

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Catch Up with The Latest Trends on Men's Aviator Jackets

Apr 1, 2021, 11:29:43 AM Life and Styles

Aviator jackets are one of the most popular men’s outerwear that also holds a prominent place in history. A whole culture has formed around these jackets that is beyond any race or language barriers. Their relevancy through the years, versatility, and gender neutrality have made them globally recognizable. If you have recently got into this trend or want to, here is the best place to start. We have brought to you all that you need to know and more in this aviator jacket trends guide.

Why is it named the aviator jacket?

It is necessary to get into the rich historical connections of this garment before getting into its modern variations. They were introduced originally in the first World War. At that time most airplanes had open cockpits that left pilots vulnerable to the elements. The aviator jacket was purely meant to be functional military apparel. But it gradually became a civilian favorite through the years as the style was adopted in pop culture. It became an inextricable part of subcultures during the sixties and the beginning of the eighties.

Bomber jacket trends

It is a true reflection of aviator jackets’ versatility that they can be paired with any outfit. From dresses to jeans, and shorts to denim there is nothing you cannot style them around. You can dress this outerwear up or down to suit the occasion. With only a few tips and knowledge about the variations available you can master these styling techniques.

1.    Polyester Aviator Jacket

This is possible one of the most commonly available versions of the aviator jackets. It is the perfect spring wear for fashion-forward gentlemen. There is a wide range of colors you can find in this. It also has the added attribute of being able to look good in printed material as well. The lightweight of this aviator variation makes it a great option for layering. Being made for polyester the jacket is also resistant to weather and waterproof.

2.    Woolen Aviator Jacket

Aviator jackets in wool are the leading choice for winter wear. Their thickness and warmth ensure you stay comfortable and looking trendy all winter long. A variety of different textures come in woolen aviators. Depending on your preference the material can be faux or authentic. Some versions of woolen aviators have simple yet appealing wool lining along the collar. This might seem like the most minimal of touches, yet it brings a huge creative difference to the appearance.

3.    Suede Aviator Jacket

Suede falls in the category of high-quality fabrics, exclusively designed to appear stylish and smart. Its unique texture allows for a multi-tone look and is incredibly soft to the touch. While most people opt for it in neutral shades, they are also available in bolder colors. There is something to suit every taste and mood in this style. If you are aiming for a formal aviator style nothing can be better than this.

4.    Leather Aviator Jacket

Probably the most popular of all is aviator leather jackets. They can be seen everywhere on models and celebrities. Making them even more of a favorite in the public eye. A very interesting and attractive combination is also born out of suede in leather when it comes to aviator jackets.

5.    Long-length Aviator Jacket

There is a wide selection of fits and styles available in aviator jackets. So, you will never be at a lack of finding new choices. A longline aviator coat is well worth your investment. Although the standard length of this jacket ends at the top of your hips, this style continues further down. Therefore, it makes for even better winter apparel as it covers almost your entire body. Not to say the least about how distinct and iconic it looks. The best way to wear it is with slim-cut jeans or trousers to balance off the broader silhouette.

Styling options

As mentioned before too, the men's aviator jackets or Pelle Pelle replica leather jacket never gets old. Black is the ultimate choice which is perfect for every figure and clean-cut appearance. The edgy vibe can be carried out in your entire outfit if you go black on black. Choose narrow dark denim, a black t-shirt, or a knit top, and finish off with black boots or sneakers.

If looking to appear less intense it will also look fabulous with a brown or white. On a casual day out men's, Flight Jackets can look absolutely rocking with a simple white tee and blue jeans. It’s a look that can be worn regardless of the weather as you can always shrug off the jacket when required. Chinos or trousers can elevate the look for slightly formal occasions or if you wish to dress up.

You might think men's Flight Leather Jackets will be too casual for events where you need to dress smartly. That is not so if you know exactly what to style them with. The jackets should be in a sophisticated neutral shade like beige or black. Then all you need to do is ensure the rest of our attire follows suit. Wear a collared shirt underneath with formal pants to match the formal dres code. The same goes for the shoes you opt for. Derby shoes, loafers, or leather trainers are our foremost recommendations.

Final thoughts

An aviator jacket is one of the best outerwear options you can add to your closet. This is basically due to its durability and how many ensembles you can style around it. There are four basic points you must keep in sight when buying this jacket: color, fastening, fabric, and fit. There are also versions with embellishments like buckles, buttons, and lapels which add uniqueness to them. The style of these genuine black leather jackets is timeless and has survived a century of fashion trends. Having a piece like that will keep you fashion-forward for years to come. Now that you know how iconic it is, go ahead and make the most of this trendy statement piece.

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