Join the Vest Club with More than 20 Daring Men’s Leather Vests

Join the Vest Club with More than 20 Daring Men’s Leather Vests

Apr 1, 2021, 12:27:59 PM Life and Styles

Leather vests are closely related to leather jackets and basically have the same attributes. They are meant to provide protection on the road and from the weather. But the vests were manufactured to be the lighter replacement for leather jackets. The jackets from Forces Jackets U.S.A are notorious for their heaviness which is remedied effectively by the leather vests. It lends you all the safety you require around your torso while leaving the arms restriction-free. Let’s explore the 20 plus best choices you can opt for when it comes to leather vests.

1.    Formal brown

If there is any color that speaks sophistication, is brown and its various shades. Whether you go for a rich cocoa brown or a tan caramel, the shade carries a lavishness to it. Perfect for attending a business meeting or any other bow-tie affair.  

2.    Casual wear

Its surprising how simple changes in tailoring can transform the same garment to serve a different occasion. Exchange the buttons for a zippered front, a looser fit, and pocket flaps, and viola, your vest is now casual. Wear it on any day you want to look fabulous yet feel comfortable.    

3.    Wedding luxe

No matter how much of an introvert you are, your closet will always be requiring wedding wear. It is so difficult, especially for men to make a dressing choice on this occasion. But the best has you covered here too. Wear it buttoned up underneath a silken jacket for the illusion of a suit.


4.    Punk

Let us swerve from prim and proper for a second and dive more into cooler fashion. Punk style is an entire culture on its own. The grunge look is easily identifiable with its studded details. It might not be the most opted-for look in men's leather vests, yet we highly recommend it. The thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new is worth it.   

5.    Semi-formal

A semi-formal concealed carry leather vest is perfect for when you want to dress up yet not too crisply. Keep it laid back by keeping your vest unzipped in the front. Go for jeans and a full-sleeved top underneath. Make sure they fit you snugly to balance off the bulkiness of the vest.  

6.    Western

Cowboys trail a line of legends both real and made up behind them. And the focal point of their attire is based on a genuine leather vest. Go for a trendier cut of skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and boots for a proper Wild West feel.   

7.    Celebrity inspired

Leather vests were boosted to new heights when celebrities started to wear them. There are various inspirational examples like Chriss Patt from Jurassic World and Ben Affleck from Batman vs Superman. They carry the look with such bravado that it is simply irresistible.

8.    Green racer

Army or olive greens closely resemble the original military drab. The vest looks effortlessly smart and also functional. The green looks excellent against beige, white, or a black shirt.     

9.    Embroidered details

Adds some fun and quirkiness to your attire by choosing an embroidered vest. The delicate yet bold colors on your sleeves, shoulders, or back will enhance any outfit. Make sure the rest of your attire does not have any patterns though. 

10. Biker

The biker is a classic and has starred in many films and rock concerts. It is definitely a bad boy look which is worth having in your wardrobe.  

11. Belted style

If you love a narrow and clean silhouette, then a belted vest is a must-have. The belt can be cinched to emphasize a slim waist and broaden the shoulders. 

12.  Shearling collar

What speaks chic more than a shearling collar? Go for a look taken straight off the runway by sporting the soft richness of wool. 

13. Fringed

A style favored initially by cowboys and Native Americans it’s now wildly popular. It's not all for the sake of appearance though as the fringes effectively keep the rain off your vest.

14. Suede accents

Suede is a fabric that provides lushness to your ensembles. Patches of it alongside leather create the most wonderful palette of textures.

15.  Buckles and lapels

Who doesn’t love some bells and whistles on their outfits from time to time? Metallic buttons, zipper pulls, and snap lapels make for an attractive look against black leather vests.

16.  Vintage

Classy and vintage go hand in hand. There are excellent pieces available that have the ideal rugged look. Vintage vests come in numerous designs so you will never lack in choices.

17. Hooded

A hooded vest has a youthful and trendy vibe best for casual wear. It is also perfect for winter so you can stay snug and toasty from head to toe. 

18.  Go minimal

Minimalism is the leading feature of this fashion season. A sleek black vest minus the trimmings can be worn with a solid one-toned outfit.  

19.  Distressed

 Distressed vests are a fusion of classic and contemporary fashion. They are made to imitate a vintage style without compromising the quality of the fabric.

20.  Long length

A long-length leather vest has a decidedly futuristic swing to it. It falls around your thighs so your top better be shorter for a balanced symmetry.  

21.  Multi-pocketed

Vests with multiple pockets reflect the exact nonchalant attitude leatherwear is famous for. And what’s more? It's highly practical. Especially the conceal carry vest which has internal pockets as well.

22.  Laced upsides

Looking for a striking statement piece? A leather vest with laced-up sides will make you the talk of the town. And in a good way!

23.  Elegant white

The purity of ivory tones automatically takes them up a notch above other colors. A white vest will look unique and extremely chic for any formal occasion.

24. Graphic patterns

And last but not least are graphic patterned leather vests. They are a unique and enjoyable experience and urge you to try an entirely new vibe.

This was our selection of leather vests which are a must-have for your closet. So, next time you are shopping for outerwear, this will make it much easier to make a choice.     


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