"Oh, You're A Communication Major....?"

"Oh, You're A Communication Major....?"

"What's your major?" is a question that pops up a thousand times during your college career. Yes, I am majoring in Communication Studies. No, it is not a pointless, easy degree. Why do communication majors receive so much criticism?  Scripps College of Communication offered at Ohio University is top in the nation yet I feel so criticized, and it is time to stop. Communicating is something humans do every single day! Why not study it?!

Studying communication is like studying the psychology of relationships and how humans interact. I am not talking about sociology, but more of why humans communicate the way they do. For Example, men and women communicate extremely different....more than we realize. After learning about different communication styles males/females pertain it totally made sense to why relationships have conflicts! You also learn conflicts aren't necessarily bad and how communication is everything. ​I hate to break it to you, but there is no escape.

Communication studies may not have a specific job in line, such as a nurse or speech pathologist, but there are so many broad opportunities. I think that is what I find amazing about Coms, is how you can veer in whichever direction you're passionate about. For example, I am interested in how pollution harms marine and wildlife, and strive to use my communication degree to help make awareness.

Please stop telling me my degree is worthless and I am only using it to breeze through college (hello, Coms Theory?!?!). Ohio University has some of the most toughest professors, but they are genuine and care about their students. I am so blessed to be receiving this education and gaining amazing knowledge from the Scripps professors.

Published by Megan Kapple

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Aug 25, 2016, 2:16:35 PM

I'm a public relations major which is kind of similar. Many people don't even know what public relations is. I always get "So are you going to just give speeches ?"

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