Why It Is Okay To Change...

Why It Is Okay To Change...

Jul 2, 2016, 11:15:21 PM Life and Styles

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Much to no one’s surprise, I have changed quite a bit over the last year. It is impossible not to, University is such a shake up of what you know to be normality, that you are never going to stay the same. To begin with I hated it, I was so caught up in my own secure consistency I thought, should I fight this change?

Short answer; no. Turns out change can be good, great in fact, when the result is someone that you are happy with. The person that I am today is so refreshingly new and improved that I am starting to quite like her. Looking back, I have more confidence, am more outgoing and yet still as compassionate and kind as I have always been – so why should I reject such a positive change?

Change is scary, everything you used to know starts to look different, the person that you used to be evolves in front of your eyes and usually without your control. However, this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. As you grow and learn, as you make mistakes and learn from them, it is natural for you to develop – usually into a more confident person.

It is okay to change, you’re allowed to grow and improve; as long as you are happy with the person that you become!

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