It will not be long until myself or my children, or my grandchildren see this headline on the news. Day after day I see stories and articles about decreasing population numbers, more animals being threatened with endangerment and extinction. I'm tired of it. People need to begin to understand how serious this decline in biodiversity is. The threats which animals face, threats which the planet as a whole face. 

I recently attended a lecture held by the ZSL. During the debate Robin Freeman highlighted the statistics of the decline of animals.  

58% of the animal population has decreased since 1970, that is over half the number of animals which have gone, disappeared and become another statistic talked about. This figure comes from a range of different species and can be split further. 

  • 38% decrease in terrestrial mammals.
  • 36% decrease in marine mammals.
  • 81% freshwater. 

These numbers will continue to decline unless change happens NOW. Not tomorrow or next year, but NOW. The urgency is unreal, and soon extinction for so many animals will be inevitable. We need to change our perception of endangered animals. As individuals we can spread the word and highlight the importance of supporting charities which fund conservation programs. organizations like the ZSL, WWF, Save the elephants and there are hundreds more. 

It is suspected that if change does not happen numbers will continue to decrease and the percentage will increase to 67% by 2020. We need to conserve the environment in which they live and we live. 

I want to make a pack. WE can all do one thing to encourage people to get involved. You could tell your colleges, bosses, friends and family, about the urgency. Share news articles about conservation, organizations and population numbers. Support or donate to charities helping fund research. 

Be a leader, make a change. 

Published by Megan Quinlan

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