Are you truly happy?

Are you truly happy?


When you think of yourself what do you think of? Think of only positive things and be honest.

I like to think of myself as art. Art itself is such a wide concept and has the ability in order to come in all different shapes and sizes. Paintings, drawings, statues, poetry, music and me. What I love so much about art is the fact that people are able to view it in such a different way. Someone may look at it and think one piece is ugly and another may view it in a different like and think its beautiful. When you're  born you are like a blank canvas. When you continue to grow and experience life the canvas slowly becomes covered in memories and scars and marks showing your journey.  Your experiences morph your view of yourself and outlook on the world whether it be good or bad.

My opinions on things have changed as I've grown up but what I've always been taught is to be kind to everyone. I'm a big fan on equality. No one will be truly happy unless they be themselves, embracing your flaws, characteristics and opinions. I'm slowly learning to accept myself. I've always thought why cant I be more of this and less of that. Comparing myself to everyone else, what I failed to realise is I'm different I'm unique in a good way and I need to love myself.

I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in their own way as long as they are not hurting anyone, they should be able to do so as their right to be who they want. They shouldn't be discriminated for being themselves. True beauty is acceptance.  

So many things influence our perspective of ourselves and cloud our vision of perfection. Everyone has struggles and I mean everyone. No one is truly perfect. I have idols to look up to who teach me to be fearless and to strive and achieve what I want not to be like them or to be perfect but to be who I want and to let nothing stop me. Her name is Nikki Bella. You should check her out she's a wrestler who never let anyone get in her way a fought for women's equality in wrestling. I love her.

What I'm trying to say is that you need to be true to who you are to be happy in your life and DO NOT let anyone stop you from being yourself.

I want to get to know you guys so if you have any stories or anything you want you to share let me know below and we can chat.

Thank you.

Laters. X


Published by Megan Quinlan

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