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Everywhere in society, we have to provide our autographs for signature pads like the one in the photo. The difference between this signature pad and most other signature pads is that this one proudly displays the use of a simple solution.

Recently I wrote about my family's obsession with adhesives, so the fact that this simple solution was generated by using transparent tape adds to my love of sticky stuff, but really fuels my excitement for simple solutions.

"What's the big deal about that transparent tape with an X and a line?" you ask.

What's the big deal?!?

That line shows you where to write your name when you don't know where to sign.

"Okay," you say, "So what't the big deal?"

The big deal is we are forced to make thousands of decisions everyday.

Some of those decisions we can do without much thought, but when you are asked to sign because you are seeking medical attention for your child, and you are freaking out about what the doctor might say, you need an X  with a line next to it so you know where to sign your name. It's a big deal!

Once we got past the awesome signature pad and the terrific pediatric ENT, I was able to take a deep breath, (probably would have known where to sign without the handy X and line), and reflect on the simplicity of the doctor's advice and that miraculous signature pad. 

Simple solutions are at our disposal in a lot of daily trial and tribulations. We just have to keep our minds open to their saving graces and be willing to let the simplest of solutions make their big impacts. 

Your willingness to fix problems by unsophisticated means makes you much more sophisticated and intelligent the eyes of those who suffered from the same conundrum. When allowing yourself to see the plain, everyday problem solving options that are out there, answers will literally fall in your lap. Stop the table in the break room from wobbling. Change the hall light that has burned out. Nail down that rug that keeps tripping everyone. Rearrange the cabinet where no one can reach the important stuff. Tighten the latch on that door that won't shut tight. Ask how you can help your elderly neighbor or your classroom teacher. Be a fixer. Be a doer. Be a big deal.

Intend to make a big differences in little ways. Put your Intentergy into solving big problems one simple solution at a time and putting your positive X on the lives of those you help.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I thanked the receptionist for her homemade X and line. She said it was a really popular addition to her signature pad. I told her I was going to write about it. She said she didn't know it would be THAT popular.

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