Four Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Four Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Nov 6, 2020, 10:21:36 AM Life and Styles

Commercial refrigerators are a vital element of business operations with a significant amount of investment. No matter how high-quality the commercial refrigerator is, at some point in time, it does require maintenance and repairs. This is because the system's parts are running almost continuously. Therefore, adequate preventive measures are necessary to keep the system running, all the time efficiently.  

In case you notice issues with the system, it is best to take measures immediately to fix it. If you neglect the damage or problem, it may escalate into a severe issue. Thus, it's best to get your system regularly serviced through commercial refrigeration services experts. They will inspect the system and suggest repairs if any.    

Our experts have listed out four most common problems with commercial refrigerators.

  • Temperature Problems

The primary function of your commercial refrigerator is to maintain a specific temperature. If it is unable to maintain the required temperature, then there's some issue with the system. There are various reasons for the same, some are

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Compressor or thermostat problem
  • Bad seal on the doors
  • The system might be too close to the wall where air circulation isn't proper. 

These are the signs that are often overlooked. The most common of all is the malfunctioning of the compressor, which causes significant temperature fluctuations. Usually, there are high compressor discharge temperatures that cause the trouble. 

Another common issue with the compressor is due to ice accumulation on evaporator coils. This generally leads to the inefficient working of the refrigerator. 

The most reliable way to handle such problems is by getting the entire system check thoroughly through commercial refrigeration repairs Melbourne experts

  • The Refrigerator Won't Power-up.

A common issue that is faced by businesses that use commercial refrigerators is power issues. At times, you notice that your refrigerator won't power-up. To clear the doubts, you must check whether the plug point is working or not. Also, if there's some other issue with electricity. It will help if you use a voltage detector to ensure that voltage is present.   

Post-inspection if you notice that there's some problem with the system, your system needs immediate help.

  • The Refrigerator isn't properly illuminated.

Besides having problems with the refrigerator, there may be issues with the illuminator. There are chances that the refrigerator isn't adequately illuminated. If your staff struggles to see what's inside the refrigerator, then probably you need to get your system's bulb replaced. However, it is necessary to replace bulbs that are approved by experts. Otherwise, you may face some other issues. 

  • Ice Build-up in the Refrigerator

Ice build-up within your system may occur when warm air from the outside enters your refrigerator and condenses on the interior surface. Frost development may be due to various problems like:

  • Faulty Door Gaskets
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Improper Air Ventilation
  • Refrigerator's Door opened too frequently or left opened for a long time. 

Before you convey the issue to an expert, ensure the system's temperature levels, and the defrost cycle. 

If apart from the above-stated issues, if you face problems with your commercial refrigerator, the way is to let expert technicians handle it. 

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