How to Save Money on your Air Conditioning Bills this Summer?

How to Save Money on your Air Conditioning Bills this Summer?

How to Save Money on your Air Conditioning Bills this Summer?

Australia experiences beautiful long summers with temperatures that can soar up to mid 30 degrees Celsius. Thank god for air conditioners that keep you comfortable during the hot summer days, when the air can feel like a hot blanket. 

However, with the constant running of your air conditioners, it can make your electricity bills skyrocket, but the alternatives aren't preferable as well. Luckily, by following certain tips, your air conditioner will run better and help you save on energy bills as the summer months progress.  

Our expert air con service in Melbourne have listed out some of the tips which will help you use your air conditioners during summers efficiently. 

Use a ceiling or pedestal fan for air circulation.

Using a fan for air circulation makes you feel six to seven degrees cooler via the wind chill effect. However, the fan doesn't make the room cool; it just circulated the cooler air from the air conditioner across space. It will disperse cooled air more efficiently and allow you to raise the thermostat by almost four degrees.   

Upgrade your windows

If your home windows aren't energy-efficient, you might upgrade them to save on your energy bills. There is an initial cost that is involved, but that will be covered in the long run through lower energy bills.

Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats cut down on energy consumption is by adjusting temperatures while you are asleep or away. You can install them in your existing air conditioner or ensure an inbuilt thermostat while purchasing a new system. On regular usage, it will slowly adapt to your temperature preferences. 

If you have an inbuilt thermostat in your system and still experiencing higher energy bills, get your system checked through air conditioning repair Melbourne experts

Block sunlight

Sunlight streaming within your house through your windows raises the temperatures. By blocking the sunlight from entering into your space, you can calm the effect. The best way to block it is through dark coloured curtains. Also, you can plant some shade trees outside windows that can curb encroaching sunlight. These are some of the low-cost, easy to follow options. 

Insulate your walls and attics

You can't hold windows solely responsible for air leaks. Walls, attics and crawl spaces lose air as well. It is recommended to insulate your home professionally for improved energy efficiency. If your house is relatively old, it is one of the best options. 

Regular servicing of your air conditioning system

The best way to maintain your air conditioning unit is through getting it serviced at least once a year. Before the arrival of summers is considered an ideal time for aircon service. However, in case of heavy usage, get your system serviced twice a year. 

Air conditioning repair experts suggest you follow these easy tips to cut down on higher energy bills. After following some of the above tips, if you still notice higher energy consumption, it's best to let professionals handle it. 

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