Choosing warehouse gates

Choosing warehouse gates

Mar 7, 2018, 1:13:29 AM Business

In order to optimize the production process and make a company more efficient, quality equipment in the form of handicap operators and others inside and outside a warehouse is required. This makes warehouse gates quite important, as they indeed affect your company’s productivity in general.

The modern market offers many types of warehouse gates, which complicates the process of finding them for the owner of a warehouse facility.

Modern solutions made it possible to equip warehouses and docking areas with reliable gates and Universal Door & Equipment Ltd handicap operators, which are attractive in design, appearance as well as are secure, which is very important for every warehouse. Warehouse gates along with handicap operators guarantee not only the efficient and fast performance of the warehouse, but also accessibility, safety, as well as the hermeticity of the premises.

The role of warehouse gates is difficult to overestimate - it is through these technological elements of the warehouse that loading and unloading of stored goods occurs. Modern gates designed for warehouses are equipped with an automatic electric drive, remote control and safety systems just like counter shutters. Of course, the presence of an electric drive leads to an increase in the cost of the gates and counter shutters for that matter by almost half, but it saves a considerable amount of time and labor and, consequently, increases productivity.

Types of warehouse gates

Sectional gates

Sectional warehouse gates are the most popular on the market. They represent a set of connected sections, the movement of which is carried out on directed profiles with the help of special rollers, The rollers provide a clear and smooth movement of the sections. Roughly speaking, sectional gates represent a gate leaf made of solid sandwich panels (the thickness ranges from 40 to 46 mm) that can withstand mechanical influences. This ensures high security of the premises.

Rolling and counter shutters

Rolling shutters similar to the counter shutters fold into a roll when opened that goes up parallel to the floor, which saves space considerably. The shutters have of a film of high strength, resistant to low temperature. Rolling shutters along with the counter shutters support both mechanical and automatic control. The latter is carried out by means of an electric drive. You may want to get a counter shutter for your garage if you appreciate modern design and wank to save space.

Swing gates

Swing warehouse gates are used in the presence of free space near the entrance to the premises. These are known for low efficiency and inconvenience if there are additional outbuildings near a warehouse.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates represent an improved version of swing gates. They consist of a leaf that moves along the upper or lower rail using roller bearings. Sliding gates offer some significant space saving and quick opening.

Sliding gates can be operated both manually and electrically. When choosing the latter option, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the electric driver with the weight of the leaf and the quality of the rollers. The disadvantage of sliding gates lies in the rapid wear of the roller bearings. Sliding gates are most often used to block the entry to a warehouse. Importantly, you can find all the above-mentioned types of warehouse gates online.

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