Top 6 Trends in Mobile Advertising for 2018

Top 6 Trends in Mobile Advertising for 2018

Mar 23, 2018, 10:55:40 PM Business

Several years ago mobile advertising was considered only to increase brand awareness, not for sales and direct increase in profits, but today more and more marketers are using mobile advertising for sales growth.

The tendency to increase the number of mobile advertising is associated primarily with the growth in the number of mobile users. But trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to digital video advertising, so it is important to upgrade the strategy constantly.

We offer 7 trends that will be useful for you in 2018

1. Mobile software advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the most popular trends in 2018. There are several solutions to this type of advertising: banner ads, retargeting, display ads in applications or on sites.

2. Mobile video advertising

Mobile users are a direct target audience of advertisers who use video. According to a recently published study by the international company Ipsos, most users aged 12 to 34 spend most of their time watching online video. Also, one of the reasons for the popularity of video advertising is the integration with social networks.

Long promotional video ads help increase brand awareness, and this is their main advantage. Medium-length videos often seem more appealing to users.

And the third format: the so-called 360-degree video. Such videos grab the viewer’s attention.

3. Native advertising

This is another trend in 2018. It is growing intensively due to its popularity among users. A distinctive feature of this advertising is that it adapts to the site on which it is located, acquires its form and is interesting to the target audience of the platform.

4. Geomarketing

Geomarketing is a new trend in 2018. Advertising based on the user's location is the present of mobile advertising, as a person takes a phone with him to any place and often shares his geography.

This allows advertisers to personalize their messages at their current location. Such advertising is always personalized, and what is important is timely.

5. Mobile remarketing

Mobile remarketing is another form of advertising that allows brands to remind themselves to customers on other mobile sites and applications, and thus warm up the audience.

In short, remarketing is the redirection of users to your site, if ever they searched for your product for a targeted request or somehow interacted with your brand or other companies in your niche. Such advertising goes beyond the physical realization of goods. It also aims to collect the base of the target customers.

Remarketing works only when the ads are personalized for the ultimate user. In general, an individual approach to advertising becomes more and more in demand.

6. Advertising in social networks

It opens up great opportunities for targeted marketing. Brand-marketers can target their ads to customers based on their interests, behavior, demographic characteristics, even the mobile operating system.

The growing popularity of mobile advertising on social platforms has reduced even the amount of advertising on websites.

Published by Melissa Bailey

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