4 Ways Your Business Can Invest in Property Care

4 Ways Your Business Can Invest in Property Care

Nov 29, 2016, 7:42:39 PM Business

Owning your business property has its ups and downs, it may be much cheaper than renting, however, there are a number of costs which come along with it. Before going ahead with purchasing you should be fully aware of the responsibilities that come with property ownership.

From fire safety to damp proofing, it will be your role as a property owner ensure that our staff and customers are safe while they are visiting your property. Here are just a few ways your ways you can ensure that your business is a safe environment for all.

Property Care

Many businesses are ruined by poor property management. From damp to dry rot, what lies beneath the surface of your property could endanger your businesses chance of success. Before investing in a business property, make sure that it surveyed by a property care specialist.

Damp Specialists Glasgow, Richardson and Starling say that “damp is the biggest day to day risk to the deterioration of your property.” If the property you own is already infested with damp, it is important that you have it treated as soon as possible.

Damp can lead to other problems such as dry and wet rot. Rot can cause a number of problems to timbers and it could cause mould growth to the walls and ceilings of your property.

Fire Standards


Fire safety can cause property owners and employers a number of problems. If you are the owners of a business property, then you are the ‘responsible person’ that must encourage the employees that work in the building to adhere to fire safety standards. Fire safety responsibilities include:

•             Assessing the building for fire safety risks and reviewing it regularly

•             Educating your employees of the risks you’ve identified

•             Establishing and maintaining appropriate fire safety measures

•             Creating a plan for emergencies

•             Making sure your staff understand fire safety instruction with training

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, however, with busy days ahead of us we often forget about the little things that can cause severe damage. Make sure that your business is fully equipped with fire extinguishers and with staff that know how to use them.



Cleaning your property efficiently could reduce the risk of fire. Having a clean environment for your staff and customers may seem obvious, however, many businesses without professional cleaning services can be prone to letting their standards slip.

Keeping up appearances is important as cleanliness gives your customers an insight into how your business is run. Poor cleaning and untidy workspaces can also lead to accidents. Make sure that you are projecting the right image with a clean space for both customers and staff.

If you are a smaller business, make a start by decluttering. Avoid leaving large amounts of clutter around your business like piles of paper and empty cardboard boxes. 

Security System


If your business is not using a security system, then you could be making your employees easy targets for thieves. A security system will protect your business from internal and external theft. By using a security system, your employees and customer will be more secure in your business’ environment.

If you do have security cameras in your work environment, great! Make sure both customers and staff are aware that there are security cameras and of where they are. Domestic statistics have shown that Homes without security or alarm systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

Theft is not the only problem, as vandalism can also cause severe damage to your property. If you are using security cameras, you will have hard evidence against anyone who tries to vandalise your property. 

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