LET'S GET PHYSICAL Series - Fun Workouts From Home

LET'S GET PHYSICAL Series - Fun Workouts From Home

With 2 weddings to attend over the coming months, I have been making it a priority to look after my health and fitness a bit more intensely than before.

For me, I have found the combination of healthy eating and exercising every day definitely leaves me feeling better on the inside and looking more toned and healthy on the outside. I also look for sustainable solutions, not quick-fixes that may help with weight loss in a month or two, but then unfortunately it all piles back on (and then some). I’ve seen enough episodes of The Biggest Loser to know how unhealthy rapid weight loss can be.

This isn’t just for a month or two. It’s a lifestyle change.

It’s not just size that I look for when committing to a lifestyle change. It’s the way my clothes feel when I eat cleaner, how my skin looks when I drink more water, how I sleep easier when I do some form of cardio in the evenings and how much more relaxed and content my mood seems to be when I am making an effort to take care of myself…weight loss is definitely an advantage, but it’s not my only goal – and it shouldn’t be yours either.

I wanted to start a series where I blog about certain elements of this health kick I’m on, so I can share things with you all and, in turn, you might be able to share a few tips with me! I want to preface this post by stating (in case you weren’t already aware):

I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional and all opinions on this site are my own along with suggestions I give regarding healthy living.

Onto this week’s topic:


Fun Workouts From Home

One of my favourite things about the world we live in today is the amazing things which technology and social media have created for us. The ability to complete a fun and entertaining workout from the comfort of our own homes is so much more accessable now than it was 20-30 years ago.

I have distinct childhood memories of my mother’s aerobics VHS, and the fun I had trying to move along with her as she worked out in our lounge room for an hour each day. I remember being excited that we could be healthy and exercise together with just a video player and a television. Mum would have purchased the VHS at Target or K-Mart and that would have been all the money she spent on workouts that lasted many years. In comparison to joining a gym and attending classes a few times a week, which we know can add up and leave us out of pocket – especially if you are trying to workout on a budget. I’ve always thought back to that aerobics VHS and the fun I think I would still have if I was able to watch it today.

Keeping that in mind, the following workouts are all accessible via your home. You can either find workouts on YouTube, purchase the special kit to go along with the program, or also download e-books with diagrams of the workouts you can do from your bedroom.

As a music fan, the majority of these programs contain cardio routines which are set to music in some way. I have always found that exercising seems to be a lot more enjoyable when there are tunes! I also think sometimes it’s just fun to let loose – as long as you’re moving, that’s all that truly matters!

Here are some programs I have been mixing into my regular workout routine. I try to do some form of cardio for 30-45 mins each evening, but it really depends on my energy levels and my mood. Remember that something is better than nothing when it comes to exercise! Also, here’s a quick reminder to drink water and stay hydrated throughout your day.



The Tracy Anderson Method



What:  A variety of different DVDs containing Tracy’s fitness program ‘The Method’, a unique blend of dance cardio and toning ‘Mat’ workouts which target specific muscles to create a lean physic without too much bulk. The DVDs start with Beginner volumes (15 minutes each) and go up to 30 Day Transformations where a combination of both workouts takes 2 hours. Personally, I love the dance cardio workouts. The mat workouts are very repetitive and I have not been able to complete both workouts at once. Usually I alternate each night.

Cost: DVDs range from $10-$60 on Amazon, depending on your workout preferences.




What: Fitness instructor Cassey Ho has a YouTube channel Blogilates where she has been posting POP Pilates workouts for 6 years. The workouts range from cardio to toning exercises which usually run for 10 minutes each. She also has workout calendars on her website. I really love Cassey’s attitude and her passion for fitness. Her workouts are quick, but fun and I definitely feel a burn!

Cost: YouTube videos are free.





What: Zumba is an hour-long Latin-inspired dance cardio program which took the world by storm over the past 5+ years. There are Zumba classes all over the world where you can dance/shake your booty with other people, or you can purchase the DVD set and enjoy workouts from your home. The DVDs have great instructors who go through moves slowly first and then combine routines together. I love this routine because it’s incredibly fun either in a class or at home!

Cost: DVD workouts from $10.


Yoga With Adriene


What: Yoga is great for relaxation and also flexibility and Adriene’s YouTube channel is full of Yoga for multiple purposes. Adriene’s videos are full exercises, ranging from topics of anxiety relief to fat loss, with skill level ranging from beginner to yoga enthusiast. Adriene uploads a new video each week, with her ’30 Days of Yoga’ video series becoming popular. I love attempting to match Adriene’s level of preciceness, and using specific videos to help with my moods (I love this routine for anxiety).

Cost: YouTube videos are free.


Those are a few of my favourite workout programs that don’t break the bank and don’t require a gym or a class.

I’d really love to know if you have tried any of the above programs and if you have any suggestions/feedback on them.

What workout programs do you do? Who is your favourite YouTube Fitness Guru?


Published by Melissa Pisan

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