Childhood Summers

Childhood Summers

Jul 19, 2016, 12:19:45 AM Life and Styles

Now that Vancouver is well and truly experiencing summer. I find myself feeling nostalgic for the summers of my childhood. I crave the excitement and adventure that I would experience as my family headed to our yearly camp at Lake Puntchesakut (switched to Lake Shuswap in later years).

Puntchesakut Lake/Shuswap was a tradition that was started by my family when I was little, and I look back fondly on the fun had over the years and the memories we created. For that one week every year, we had nothing but the freedom of the outdoors.


Oh, how I miss those evenings of lounging around in camp chairs watching the sun go down; no one had to be anywhere in particular. I even miss the plays that my cousins and I would do when we were children.


Some of my favourite memories include playing card games in the chuckwagon while a storm was raging outdoors, watching home videos of years past, launching water balloons at each other, along with many more priceless Rose family moments.

Alas, the summers of my childhood are memories that I will always cherish. I will always be grateful for the opportunities I had back then. Nowadays, I wish I could go back to those summers, where I could have a week to disconnect from the world and enjoy the great outdoors with my family. Perhaps one day this will happen; I know that the idea has been discussed in recent years. However, it will never be the same as it was back then.


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