Pokemon Go: Adventuring With Anxiety

Pokemon Go: Adventuring With Anxiety

As many readers know, a Pokemon Go has risen to the top of the app charts in the last few weeks; as expected, a slew of sarcastic comments has come along with the app’s fame. So, I thought that I would weigh in on Pokemon Go from the perspective of an anxiety suffering, agoraphobic.

After a lengthy wait, Pokemon Go was officially released in Canada on July, 17th 2016. Like many Canadians, I downloaded the app the instant that it became available.


However, I quickly found myself disappointed in the number of Facebook commenters that are willing to mock people for enjoying this game.

As someone with severe anxiety/agoraphobia, I relish anything that serves as a distraction in situations where I must go outdoors. This game fits the bill perfectly; I have even willingly gone outdoors around my neighbourhood, which I have not done in over a year because of my condition.

As a result, I hold the opinion that people shouldn’t be so eager to judge. As long as “trainers” are aware of their surroundings, and are respectful of private property, I believe anything that serves as a distraction while encouraging people to explore the outdoors should be considered a positive.


So, to close this post, I say that you should go out and enjoy Pokemon Go if that is what makes you happy; ignore the haters. The world is full of serious issues right now, and I think that everyone deserves a bit of fun and happiness.

Be safe and have fun.


Published by Melissa Rose


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