Vaping And Winter: Tips For Vaping In The Winter

Vaping And Winter: Tips For Vaping In The Winter

According to some, it is inadvisable to vape in winter. But have you ever heard of e-liquids freezing or low temperatures damaging circuits or batteries?

Well, maybe not, because that's clearly not true! Obviously, you shouldn't give up vaping when the coldest times of the year arrive, but here are some tips to keep in mind!


The temperatures a little lower than normal do not create any problems for the electronic cigarette, and if the climate were to become really very rigid, a few tricks would still be enough to solve everything. The vape will be neither better nor worse at low temperatures, or at least not necessarily.

More than anything else, a strong cold could change our perception of flavor and aroma, like extreme heat but also a thousand other physical or psychological conditions. Each can then react differently to these changes in perception.

The important thing is to always follow some small tips and get to know your electronic cigarette well, starting with its most delicate components, to know what kind of effects snow or rain can entail.


From a battery standpoint, you can rest easy. Lithium-ion batteries, unlike those that were used in the past, enjoy rather high stability, so temperatures are not a problem.

When you reach 30 °, the batteries slowly begin to deteriorate and lose their autonomy; the same, however, does not occur with low temperatures. Indeed, many of those who have to deal with large batteries on a daily basis, such as professional photographers or amateur drone pilots, keep the batteries in the refrigerator (tightly closed in cellophane).

This is because a temperature around zero preserves the life of lithium batteries, especially if the battery is not used when it is exposed to cold. Therefore, the average temperatures recorded during the winters need not worry.

A single precaution: the temperature of the battery must not rise or fall quickly to create condensation, nor expose it to heavy humidity. The reason is the same in both cases: lithium batteries fear water, even that created by condensation.

Therefore, in winter, it is good to store the batteries of your electronic cigarette in a moderate temperature environment for as long as possible. If you need to go out and the temperatures are really polar, they can be stored without too many problems in an inside jacket pocket, so that the heat of our body balances at least part of the external cold.


As for the electronic parts (circuits, displays, and so on), the same conditions apply to mobile phones, computers, and any similar device.

In principle, the cold does not damage these components, unless it is really extreme temperatures (below -15 ° / -20 °).

Rather, all the mechanical parts could suffer from the cold, from the external buttons to each spring and internal mechanism: the smaller they are, the more they risk deforming and being damaged in the cold. Again, however, this shouldn't cause too much concern: unless you intend to go to really freezing areas, keeping the e-cig in the inside pockets of the coat should be sufficient.

On the other hand, great attention must be paid to any exposure to bad weather, whether it is sudden showers or winter snowfalls. It goes without saying, in fact, that water is potentially lethal for all electronic devices. If the outside of the e-cig gets slightly wet, therefore, it is good to dry it as soon as possible and store it indoors. To overcome the problem at the start, you can use an external case to protect the electronic cigarette.

Finally, a small indication, which may seem obvious to most but it is good to always keep in mind. As is well known, placing the tongue (but also a wet finger) on an icy surface is an unpleasant experience: the tongue would find itself glued to this surface, causing a burning pain upon detachment.

So beware: this also happens when you put your lips on a metal drip tip in the middle of winter! A solution to the problem could be to always use cocoa butter; better still, however, it would be to replace the drip tip, choosing the most specific material for every need.


What if e-liquids freeze?

Well, anyone who knows a little about the ingredients of e-liquids knows that there is nothing to worry about.

The propylene glycol, which is present in a good percentage in large part of the e-liquid, is also used as antifreeze in most various industrial preparations. Its freezing point is a whopping -59 °! Unless a vape resides at the pole, therefore, he can rest assured: his liquid will not freeze.

But what if propylene glycol is not present in the liquid? In fact, it may be that, for reasons of intolerance or of simple preference, a vaper uses only the so-called full-VG liquids, i.e. entirely composed of vegetable glycerin (or glycerol) and water, generally in a proportion of 80% - 20%.

Also for this case what has already been saying is valid: no problem. A similar mixture freezes around -20 °, and even slightly varying the percentages indicated the freezing point will still be too low to be reached during a normal winter.

What can happen, in average cold conditions, is a thickening of the e-liquid. Which is not at all serious: it will be enough to wait a little longer for the resistance to heat up and be able to vaporize it at its best. If possible, of course, it is also good to choose a liquid with a less dense consistency, in order to avoid problems of underfeeding of cotton and coils.


A final note, finally, on the relationship between e-liquid and cold, concerns the question of aroma.

Put simply: the temperature influences our perception of tastes and aromas. Consequently, vaping in the winter can be different than vaping in the summer.

Vaping in a cold environment helps to keep cool the steam, and cooler steam allows you to perceive the aromatic notes other than those of hot steam.

So vaping in the cold is better or worse, from the point of view of tastes and scents? The answer is not unique, as always. Everyone has their own preferences, and can only judge after trying both possibilities. The only important thing is to keep in mind that the outside temperature also affects the quality and characteristics of each vape.

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