A quiet tune floated up with the breeze, settling on my shoulders as it whispered beautiful words to me.

Ever since I discovered this rooftop on campus, I would come here on a daily basis to escape lessons and the evil prison wardens – the teachers. A bubble of silence and peace encompasses this spot, only the occasional breeze would break the spell.

This melody did not break the spell, in fact, it entranced me even more as it cast another spell. A gentle instrument singing a melancholic tune, my heart ached as I listened on - an empty feeling surging through my veins. Closing my eyes, I laid flat on the cold concrete, waiting for this emotion to wash away.

Alas, the tune ended and silence fell again. But somehow, the feeling of emptiness did not disappear but instead, intensified. Lying flat on the ground, tears began to well up and spill over as the final echoes of the tune faded away from my ears. How I wish this rhapsody will disrupt my precious silence again every afternoon.

Published by Melody Tovey

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