When Passion Becomes A Way Of Life

When Passion Becomes A Way Of Life

The first time it happened was towards the start of the year. Our first big competition was  nearing, and the intro routine was still unfinished. After a smaller competition that took place a few months earlier, we had decided to change the approach for the intro. My friend and I were given the responsibility of choreographing this routine, and teaching it to the rest of the squad.

During this time, the only thing I could think about was creating the perfect intro routine. After putting our heads together, we managed to create the intro but still needed a small filler move at one particular point. We spent so much time trying to find the right way to fill the move without it being awkward or looking unnatural, but nothing would come to us. We decided to sleep on it.

And I literally did.

I had been worrying about finishing the routine so much that it was the only thing I could dream about. But instead of dreaming of the unfinished routine, I had dreamt up the solution to our problem. The filler move. Needless to say that everyone was quite amused to hear that I had literally dreamt the move, and wasn't just being cheesy.

Last night I had another dance dream, but this time it wasn't a solution to a problem, but a vision; an idea. Though I wish I could remember exactly what the moves were, I do remember the concept behind the dance and the feeling it was expressing. I'm hoping to work on this in the upcoming weeks!

Published by Mensi Suntharalingam

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