Hey friends! It’s January 2017. Wow.

For this journal entry, I want to focus on my goals.


2016 was a year that I was confident in. I was confident to set higher goals. I wanted to be transparent to the people around me (as said in my old post). I wanted to be open with my feelings. It was such a slow process within the year but… slowly my friends and I saw progress as the months passed by. I was amazed by the year-end progress. I was able to trust my new friends in college and strengthen old ones. I easily get to communicate my family even if sometimes I still get hesitant if I should say my problems or to keep it to myself.

As my trust grew, my confidence went up. In college, I faced new problems with my grades but along the way my friends and family helped me become comfortable and build trust to myself. I slowly came to realize that communication is one of the important factors to trust and understanding. Based from my experience, it’s hard for me straighten out my the misunderstandings or to tell what I want if I don’t tell my feelings (or saloobins) straight out. Ang hirap (it’s hard). The heavy feelings within me build up. It keeps piling up like, UGH I have to fix this fast or else this will bring me down. So I have to face this HEAD ON. 

Slowly, I have becoming better in communication. Sure, I have to iron out some things but my development has been great. I’m happy with my relationships. Although, I had a share of “down” moments. I didn’t communicate well with my best friend so right now has been a bit tough for the both of us. I still can’t fix it but I know brighter days will be ahead.

2016 blog accomplishments:

Okay let me thank all of you for a wonderful first year blog journey here. So far I have 154 followers and 3,774 loves from all of you! I’m really happy that you read and share my blog. You gave me wonderful support and feedback throughout 2016. It motivates me to become better and keep on sharing my experiences with all of you! I really can’t thank you enough🙂




Okay, so this year I have planned another stepping stone that I would want to reach. This year, I want to trust myself and be firm on my choices. Let me explain (just a little).

I’m on my way to trust the people around me but one by one my friends told me that I should learn to trust myself. Yeah, it’s weird that I was on a mission last year to find trust with the people around me but… To be honest, I barely have trust in myself. I have a difficult time trusting myself in terms of achieving my goals, making my own choices and more.

In making my own choices, I would always be hesitant in picking. It was either pick the want I really want or pick the one that would please the people around me…. and soo…. I pick the one that please the people around me. I know some of you experience that! (I hope I’m not alone haha). Well it’s not bad but I want to trust myself and stand straight. I want to be firm in my choices and pick what I really want– I’ll make another post for this want so I’ll just move on😀 .

So there that’s my 2017 goal, trust and be firm.

2017 blog goal:

For this year, I hope aim 200 followers! I want to reach out and help people through my personal experiences🙂 . I’m happy that some of you message me to tell that you share the same problems and that you’re happy that you know that you aren’t alone. Yes! You aren’t alone on these problems, my friend! You can do this! We can do this! Kayang kaya!

That’s it for this post! Thank you for reading! Leave your comments down below. I would love to hear your opinion, stories and goals.

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