#TipidTips from a First Year College Student

Tipid– to be thrifty

This post is overdue! But here it is now! And I will make more because I have fun in sharing my tipid tips to ya’ll and especially that majority of my friends are now in college. They want to know how I manage to save up lots of money and still be… happy with the things I buy. Plus, new sem, new year! Got to save up😛

Since I started college, I’ve came to realize that there are so much things I need to buy like books, school supplies, electricity, FOOD and more. I feel bad that my parents have to give me allowance and pay for the bills in where I stay in Manila. So slowly, I’ve been trying to look for ways to be Tipid as much as possible. I’ve been experimenting here and there and I’ve come up my first 5 tips that I want to share here. (and yeah… picture is unrelated) 

1. Baon!

Baon- bringing food like rice with ulam or snacks

Ulam– food that you partner with rice

Top top toooop one in my list! It’s helpful when you bring baon everyday. You have the choice if you want to bring baon everyday or not but BETTER IF EVERYDAY. You’ll get to save up more. I know some of you think that you’re too old for that lunchbox and all that eh at least you get to save up! I tell you, I save a ton because of this. Everyday expenses for lunch and merienda is like P100+! And multiply that to how many days you are in school. (I have 6 school days in 1 week so 6 x 100 = 600!!)  + you don’t have to look for a place to eat out. It’s so hassle to think of a place to eat… The only con is that you have to carry your food in your bag which is additional baggage buuutttttt I’m happy for my wallet.

2.  Water is my best friend + Water bottle

Second is bringing water to school. I know it’s heavy and so dragging to bring one but it saves up a bunch. Imagine that you have to buy… P 25.00? (I am not sure) worth of water when you can just bring one from where you live. Plus plus! You can still refill water in school if you finished it already (but make sure that your drinking fountain is clean, alright?) And always drink water, don’t drink lots of soft drinks or those powdered juice that much. If you have trouble in tracking your water consumption, you can download this app called “Plant Nanny”. I mentioned this app in one of my blog posts before (3 cute health apps + noom coach)

For my water bottle I use Lock&Lock and Starbucks tumbler for Edinburgh

3. Set half of your allowance in another wallet/ your savings account

Once I get my allowance from my parents, I always divide it into three wallets. The first 50% will go to my “savings wallet”. I collect the money from that savings wallet every month and deposit it in my savings account. This helps me ensure that I have my own savings that I would want to spend for my wants or travels in the future. Next, the 30% of my allowance would go to another savings wallet. I would just put this aside. Last, the 20% is what I would spend for the whole week. I try my best not to spend a lot everyday. It seems impossible from a college student but I bring baon to school so…. I don’t spend everyday. Most likely, I spend twice in one week.

4. Buy in bulk

I found three pros in buying in bulk. Firstly, you have more stock and time! In this case, you don’t have to go back and forth to the supermarket, school supply store or palengke. It saves up your time and effort! Plus, when you buy in bulk, let’s say a set of tissue rolls or those budget pack shampoo, you would to save P10.00 or something… That’s already big! In P10.00, you can ride a jeepney going to your school. Secondly, if you have a discount card you would get to collect more points. Some stores, like Office Warehouse, would only add up points when you achieve this certain price (in Office Warehouse it’s P100.00 = 1 point).

5. Watch out for promos/sales

Super cheap habit!! I always watch out for sales and promos because it’s so helpful. Like in malls, so I would know when to buy the clothes I need or want (rewards for myself :P). Also for food, there are some stores who offer food promos! As in super cheap. Some even have buy one take one. And you know how we show our support and pride to our school by wearing and buying University merchandise? Usually I seek out for “barkada” promos. For example, if you buy 5 you get P199.00 off! THAT’S A HUGE THING.So yeah! Keep on a look out for sales and promos.


These are just what I do. Just posting this because I hope this can help you🙂

That’s it for this post! Thank you for reading! Leave your comments down below. I would love to hear your #TipidTips for college! (I LOVE SAVING TIPID TIPS SO MUCH– so catchy)

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