He Would Accuse Chestnuts of Being Lazy

He Would Accuse Chestnuts of Being Lazy

Jan 5, 2017, 7:24:03 PM Life and Styles

What happens when you mix a sloth with hungry person?  You get me. I'm always hungry and very, very tired. You also get my very, very empty wallet.

At the end of the day I just can't be bothered cooking dinner.  At the end of the week I can't muster the will to food prep.  Even trips to the supermarket have gone from weekly to monthly.

The lack of readily available food has resulted in some very bad, very pricey habits.  The first being my (I won't even give it a denomination a week ) Starbucks habit.  It started with just a coffee and has since become a daily coffee and oatmeal problem.   Seriously, if I had bothered to go to the supermarket, ever, I could easily make a healthier version at home to bring to work.  I will miss the blueberries though.



Lunch becomes my second issue of the day. I don't have any.  I need to leave the office and forage for food.  I work in Midtown Manhattan.  So lunch is not going to be cheap.  I'm also located in the middle of all the touristy things.  I play Frogger through the clusters of tourists to get to the good food that is actually worth the price I am paying.  Food trucks are my favorite. But five lunches a week add up.  So do the calories, lol.





I usually choose the easiest way out when it comes to dinner.  Stress on out.  We are regulars at our local pub/restaurant.  I think of it more as helping to support small business and less about being too damn lazy to cook.  So not only am I going for broke, but my damn jeans are too tight again.



It's time to break up with the easy way out.  Time to find a lazy girl's fix to my lazy life problems.   Time to cut down on the spending and fatten up my wallet again.

I should probably start with breakfast.

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