How to Promote Your Brand at a Trade Show

How to Promote Your Brand at a Trade Show

Nov 27, 2018, 7:12:34 PM Business

When it’s time to take your brand to a major trade show, there’s nothing more important than figuring out how you want to showcase everything you have to offer. Signing up and deciding to attend is all well and good, but it’s vital that you leave yourself ample time to plan how you want to present your brand.

That way, when the big day comes, you’ll be able to deploy a strategy that runs like clockwork. Here’s five simple ways you can make it happen.

Brand Your Stand   

Your stand is your basecamp for the duration, so make sure that everyone knows what you represent. There are so many different ways to go about getting your message out there, but the best one is to use your real estate as a canvas on which to showcase your brand.

Keep things clean and clear by decking as much of it out in your brand colours as you can. This will automatically help you stand out, and will enable people to connect your brand to the stand they see in front of them.

Pull Up Banners

Once you’ve done that, you then need to dress the stand accordingly. One of the most effective ways you can do that is by deploying several pull up banners. They make the perfect accompaniment for your stand’s core branding, and they can be positioned so that they’re easily seen from across the exhibition hall. This makes them an ideal tool for catching the eye so that you can draw people towards you, and away from your competitors.

Keep the text precise and concise, and you’ll have no issues pulling in new customers from far and wide.

Get Your Staff Looking the Part

Expect high footfall at your stand, and ask yourself: how will visitors who stop and look for just a few seconds know who they need to talk to? Often, people will just be passing through because they’re put off by stands that look like they’re overrun. They think they’re better off taking a brochure, so they do that without you noticing and you don’t see them for the rest of the day.

An easy way to show customers that you haven’t got round to speaking to yet that you’re available, is by creating uniformity amongst your staff. Company polo shirts are a great way to go about this is as they can be created in your brand colours, feature your logo, and give a welcoming and professional first impression.

Handout Brochures and Flyers  

People want to be able to take something home with them, so that they can reflect on what they’ve heard and use additional information to make an informed decision. Taking notes will rarely be an option in this setting, so create informative materials that will tell visitors to your stand everything they need to know.

That way you’ll be able to maximise the chances of people reaching out to you over the course of the following week.

Choose the Perfect Location for Your Stand  

The final thing to think about is the location of your stand. You might think that you just take the first pitch you’re offered, but there’s no harm in pushing to get something better. If you’re by the door, this means that everyone will have to walk past you as they come in. However, it can also mean you get congested straight away and only attract people trying to leave as the day gets later. 

Choosing a large pitch right in the middle of the conference hall is the best option. Use the right combination of brand colours and eye-catching banners, and you’ll be visible from all angles.

Published by Michael Deane

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