What Is The Answer To Your Crisis?


“In times of crisis people reach for meaning. Meaning is strength. Our survival may depend on our seeking and finding it.” -Dawna Markova

Keep this in mind whenever you are going through a crisis. It is a fact that we all go through our fair share of crises in life. Some will be heavier than others depending on the person and situation, but if we are to ever get out of the crises that we face, it starts with the meaning.


In any crisis, there is always some meaning attached to it waiting for you to find it. The meaning reveals the following:

  1. How or why you got into this crisis? A crisis does not happen at random. Something was done to get you into this crisis, and you must find out how or why are you facing this crisis.
  2. What is the purpose of this crisis? A crisis always serves a purpose for you. It is important to find the purpose.

When you find out both of the above, you become armed with knowledge of the crisis. When you have knowledge, you can start to think of how to solve the crisis.


What is the answer to your crisis?

Honestly, that answer can vary, but you do have resources that can help you solve your crisis along with the information you are able to gather from how, why, and the purpose behind your crisis. I will list a few, but there are a lot of resources available to help you deal with a crisis.

  1. Family and friends: When your family and friends are standing with you and supporting you, you can overcome a lot of your crises. It is important to allow them to help you the best way they can.
  2. Counseling: Not a lot of people want counseling, but counseling can be huge in helping you work through your issues and getting an action plan together to get through your crisis.
  3. Your higher power: Praying to your higher power can help you give your problems up and allow for that spirit to bring to you what you need to get through your crisis.
  4. Co-workers: When faced with a crisis, you may not think that co-workers care about your situation, but they will be there for you if you need them to be.
  5. Total strangers: A stranger may not be who you want to deal with, but if you are homeless and need food, shelter, or money, you are appreciating the help of that stranger giving you food, shelter, or money. A stranger may understand your situation much better than anyone you may know.

I can personally attest to all five of these because without these five, I do not know how my wife and I would have had the courage to try to have another child after the loss of our first child, Speranza.

No matter what resources you have available, your crisis needs you at the forefront trying to get out of your situation. Without you, the knowledge does not come and the resources are not able to help you where you need it the most. Let’s remember that a crisis needs you to find the meaning so that you can find the resources necessary to get out of your situation.


“When you survive your crisis, you teach us all how to survive it.” -Laura Day

Through my crisis of losing my daughter, I am able to teach you how I was able to survive it. You can do the same through your crisis because we all can learn from one another as to how to deal with certain crises.

I have three questions to ask you, and I encourage you to share because there may be someone who may be going through a crisis, and you may have the answers that they may be seeking. Feel free to comment and answer below.

  1. What was the most difficult crisis you had to face?
  2. What was the purpose or meaning behind that crisis?
  3. How did you solve and overcome that crisis?

-Michael J. Fite

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