Why Are You Resisting Change In Your Life?

Why Are You Resisting Change In Your Life?


“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.” -Believe Fitness NY

Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself in a position to resist change. If you are only focusing on what you have to give up, you will hold on tighter to the things that keep you in your comfort zone. When you decide to look at what you have to gain, you will take the necessary steps and some risks in order for the change to take you to where you are supposed to be in life.


I have seen where people will refuse change because of personal beliefs and what other people have shared with them over time. If there is such a comfort zone with a person, they will not want to leave what they are familiar with. The problem is that if you never leave your comfort zone, you cannot gain anything new in your life because you are trying to hold on to something old that you need let go.

For me, it was the military. When I had the opportunity to enlist right out of high school, I turned it down because I felt like I had to give up being myself and not being able to grow as a person. As the years went on after 9/11, my thought were still the same, and it cost me  quite a lot until 2006.

Instead of looking at what I had to lose, I saw that I could gain a lot more from it. When I changed my perspective, it made me want to give it my best effort and make it work the best way I could. In a span of a decade, I have been able to not only have a successful career at this moment, but I was also able to prove to those who did not have faith in me throughout the process that I was going to do what it took to be a leader, and I have not looked back since.


If you want the change you seek, forget what you are going to lose and take in what you are going to gain. What is on the other side of you actually wanting and doing something about it can make the difference between you staying where you are and you moving forward in life. Let’s remember that change wants to come into your life not to make you keep something that will hold you back, but to give you something that will take you forward to success.


As you begin to look at upcoming changes, will you try to hold on to what you are going to lose and do nothing about it, or think of what you are going to gain and do something about it?

-Michael J. Fite

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