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Hey everybody, I'm Michael, M3L6H, or as those from my blog may know me: Tours yruly. I'm a Christian writer living in California where I do other things besides write, but that's not what you're interested in. I turned seventeen this year and just got my driver's license, so you could say independence has not been a big thing I've sought after in my teen years. My personal details are not particularly interesting, but this is a bio, so: I'm currently a freshman in college and am taking 21 credit hours at a community college. I've chosen computer science as my major for better or for worse, and would like to eventually be self-employed.


Now, for the good bits. Writing has played a big part in my life, and is a way for me to release my pent up thoughts. I started seriously writing when I turned twelve (and consequently hit puberty. Yeah, I was that kind of teen). My first novel - as I like to tell people - came about because I'd run out of stories to read. I'd literally read all the books in our house.


At this time, my favorite stories consisted mostly of the Hardy Boys series. Yep, this was in the infancy of my reading experience and I had no idea better stories existed. That aside, I'd heard a lot of things about the Nancy Drew series, primarily that it was a lot like the Hardy Boys except it featured a female protagonist. 


My desire to read the Nancy Drew series grew, but I had no way of getting my hands on the books, so I decided I would create a story for myself to read. As paradoxical as that sounds, I did end up writing a 21,000 word novel for myself to read, and even followed it up with a sequel 29,000 words in length.


Unfortunately, word count does not say all that much, and those two novels, along with the third I wrote in between turned out to be lackluster, cliche, and showed how much of an amateur I was. But, I kept writing, and even took a creative writing class, during which I took a large leap forward in terms of my writing skills and my love for writing. I created a blog, and the support people gave me on pieces which I didn't even think were that great absolutely stunned me, and to this day, I still think it's primarily because of the community that I was able to build through my blog that I kept up with writing.


There have been a lot of bumps and unforeseen twists along the way, but the final result of my writing experiences has led me to my current novel, currently possessing the working title: Taker. For me this novel is unique as it contains mature content, something which I've avoided putting in my novels in the past, so we'll see how that goes. Apart from that, the content I specialize in can be best categorized as miscellaneous, because I'm very much a spur-of-the-moment writer, but in my humble (and honest (and heavily-biased (and any other applicable h-word-ed))) opinion, that is the best kind of writing.


Tours yruly


P.s. If you're curious about the origin of "M3L6H", check out this post on my blog: https://mhollingworth.wordpress.com/why-m3l6h/


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