6 Productivity Hacks for Writers

6 Productivity Hacks for Writers

May 18, 2021, 12:56:34 PM Creative

Content creation does not just happen with the wave of a magic wand. Neither can you depend on automatic tools for it to work? At its core, all sorts of content depend on thinking and writing. You have to settle down at a desk and encourage the muse to come and visit.

We understand that it can be trying to come up with ideas and write amid a busy routine. But your writing output can increase tenfold if you follow the tips we have for you today. Procrastination and writing blocks are real struggles which every professional writer goes through.

In fact, the projects which are most difficult to finish are those which hold the most importance for you. Because you want to keep sculpting away at them until you get a perfect masterpiece. But if writing is your livelihood, it is impractical to keep a project indefinitely on hold. Our hacks will help you overcome these issues and master the process of writing.

1.    Scheduling

If your target is to increase the volume of writing, we recommend that you write every single day. The repetition will turn it into a habit instead of a chore. It is also good training for your brain as it gets used to being creative within those particular hours.

You can choose any time of the day which suits you. Early morning is usually a good time as it is before your mind gets exposed to the world. Your thoughts are clear and unhindered by influences helping the creative juices to flow.

For creative people or the “makers,” it is tough to complete writing projects within an hour-long period. They would rather divide their time into longer chunks for achieving a writing flow. If you cannot make time to write every day, then take a page out of the makers’ book. Schedule a 2–3 hours period within your week and spend it in uninterrupted writing.

2.    Establish goals

This is similar to measuring business metrics like conversion rates or leads. Keep close track of your writing output levels. You can use a google spreadsheet for that purpose. Record the word count you produce daily along with how inflow you were during the writing session. 

We asked our team at affordableessayservice to share some recommendations about setting writing goals. The professionals think that the ideal word count goal for beginners should be 500 words per session. More seasoned writers can take it up to a thousand words. By doing this you can attain more confidence and ideas will come to you with considerable ease. With time more ambitious goals can be set a daily or monthly basis.

3.    Creating an outline

Outlines are important for all types of writing. You can organize all your ideas and every element of your work through them. Maintaining the flow becomes less difficult if you have a framework to focus on.

Of course, you can add or leave out some things which you find unsuitable while writing. But on the whole it allows you to have a clear mind about what you are supposed to work on.

4.    Build an environment perfect for writing

It is an applaudable task if someone manages to complete a writing task in a loud and chaotic place. It is impossible to think up words and ideas when you are constantly being interrupted. So, having a separate writing area which is serene and peaceful is essential. So, dedicate a space for yourself at home which is exclusively reserved for writing sessions.

5.    Refrain from over research

Research can quickly become a whirlpool sucking you in if you let it. The more time you invest in researching a topic the less you are spending on the actual writing. It can become a problem specifically when you are on a deadline. Assign a specific time period for research so you can know when it is time to stop.

6.    Multi-tasking is unwise

And we are down to the last hack here which calls for avoidance of multi-tasking. You might be capable of handling several tasks at once. But this practice is not the best when it comes to writing. Focus all your mental faculties on one writing project. This will allow you to produce content that is error-free and meticulous.

Final thoughts

These six tips are tried and tested by us so we guarantee they will work for you as well. For all kinds of writing assistance, you can reach out to our genuine essay writing service. We specialize in every subject and field to cater to your content requirements. Our team consists of academic experts to provide quality material to all our clients. The hacks we shared and many more techniques are used by us to continually upgrade our skills. By implementing them in your writing you too can successfully increase productivity levels.

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