32 and a Half Years of the Same Stupid Jokes

32 and a Half Years of the Same Stupid Jokes

Feb 6, 2019, 9:25:20 PM Sport

That's how long I have been living in the United Kingdom and almost since my arrival, I have had British people make the same jokes about American Football. It happened again when I read a blog post about something the writer would rather do than watch American Football. Some of these I would never try because they sound rather excruciating. FFI, last Sunday was the night of the Super Bowl which is like English Soccer's FA Cup many times over, so I can understand why the author would be posting it at this particular time.

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My thought was, "Okay, you made your point, you don't like American Football." Well, I don't like cricket, in fact, I find watching it very boring but I don't go on and on about it. Besides, there are a lot of people in my adopted country who do love the game and all the power to them. For the record, I also find baseball boring to watch on TV, though live is a different story as well as golf. But I won't go on and on about how I won't watch them. If you don't like something and find it boring, fine. You can think what you want and say what you want but after thirty-two years, try to come up with other jokes about it.

What annoys me is that in spite of the facts, many people in the UK still believe the myths about American Football in their country. Therefore, I think I should point out a few facts and other points.

Myth: Very few people watched the Super Bowl in the UK.

Fact: The Super Bowl draws over a million views in the UK on both the BBC and Sky Sports Channel. I have tried to get the official viewing statistics but Google is not forthcoming. It did say that the game was watched by 104 million people worldwide.

Myth: No one in Britain likes American Football.

Facts: There are over 100 American Football teams in the UK. There are two main leagues, the Senior League in the Spring and Summer and the University League in Autumn and Winter. So, you can say that you have American Football all year round in the UK. There are also affiliate groups like Youth and Women's American Football. Another fact is that ever since the NFL has been having regular season games in London in 2007, I have never been able to get tickets. They just sell out too fast.

Much of the animosity towards the game seems to be generated by the British left who hate all things American. This has only fueled my disillusionment with them because American Football is only a symbol of capitalist greed if you choose to let it be such. I choose not to do that.

Whoa! I feel better getting that off my chest. See, one thing I have struggled with my Asperger's Syndrome is stereotypes and facts I know to be wrong. In these cases, I feel the need to clear the air and portray the facts. I hope I have done that here.

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p.s. I'll go back to my shorty story next week. 

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