I Won't Be Watching the Royal Wedding

I Won't Be Watching the Royal Wedding

May 18, 2018, 2:39:48 PM Opinion

The main reason is that I'll be at work on Saturday and Saturday is the day, Melvin (I'll call him that), has his trip out to buy items which cater to his interests, namely models, post cards or DVDs. So, I'll travelling to and from one of his favourite places in which to procure such items that match his interests. I shouldn't be anywhere near a television and even if I was, I know Melvin wouldn't want to watch it any as he would declare it boring. This too is a good thing because if he wanted to watch it, I would be forced to watch it with him and I don't want to do that.

First of all, before I start my little rant, I would like to say I wish Harry and Megan all the happiness they deserve. It's great when anyone finds the person they wish to hopefully spend the rest of their lives with, whether it's a prince, a film star or even what the conservatives in the US and Britain call a 'benefit slob.' This doesn't mean that I have to be glued to the television watching the ceremony and that is not an insult to the happy couple. I believe if they wanted me to watch them get married, they would have sent me an invitation.

[caption id="attachment_738" align="aligncenter" width="396"] The soldiers of King George III[/caption]

My main reason for not wanting to see the big wedding is that I am not a royalist. Growing up American, I had years of how the American people rose up against oppression by a king, (I know in reality it was the British Parliament levying all those taxes on the colonies but that's not the point here), kicked out those whom they felt were symbols of that oppression and formed an independent republic, pounded into my head in history lessons. That is why the US Constitution forbids bestowing any titles of nobility. Therefore, watching a symbol monarchy goes against what I was taught in school.

Let me kill another stereotype. Most Americans really don't care about the Royal Family. Yes, a few upper middle class women are getting really excited about it and it's enough to make George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin spin in their graves, but most of America will not be watching the wedding. Saying that, a lot of people in the native country won't be watching it either. Anyway, most Americans, while happy for the couple, don't really care enough to want to watch in on television.

While I won't be watching the wedding, I won't begrudge anyone who does. It is their choice and in Britain, I realize it's part of history and tradition. Besides, the royal family is reported to bring far more money into the UK through tourism than what the government spends to keep them. Who am I to argue with that? Nor will I. The UK is my adopted country now and in some ways, it has treated me better than the country I was born and grew up in but that doesn't mean I have to watch a royal wedding on that account. So again, I wish Harry and Megan to have a very happy day! I just won't be watching it.

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