If Jesus and Mohammed Had Ever Met

If Jesus and Mohammed Had Ever Met

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In a song by one of my favourite bands from the 1970s and early 1980s, Jefferson Starship, featured lyrics that went:

I'd like to see jesus and mohammad
On the road to damascus
What did you think they would say
Would they fight with knives clenched in their teeth
Like jews and arabs today
Or would they walk and speak
Like philosophers and thinkers
Amused at each other's insights
Relishing the brain waves there
Round the warmth of the hunting fire
Eager for, hungry for
They got to have
You know they love

And let our two great religions
Cease their senseless struggle
It only hurts the children

These lyrics have always got me thinking but before I put my own opinion, I would like to share an experience of when I posed this as a question on an opinion sharing website. I had quite a bit of response to that question. Some made a joke, one person posting a picture of Jesus and Mohammed in a boxing ring with the caption, "Round 1, Fight." I did think it was amusing and complimented the respondent on their sense of humour. However, there were quite a few responses from what I believe to the the obnoxiously religious fundamentalist evangelical Christian brigade that had me shaking my head in disbelief. The one which stood out most in my mind went: "Jesus would pray for Mohammed, Mohammed would try to kill Jesus." No he wouldn't! Like another respondent pointed out, Mohammed considered Jesus to be a great prophet, he just rejected the notion that Jesus was the begotten Son of God. That wasn't the only response in that form but the one that had me sticking my thumb in the air was a gentleman from Iran. He didn't answer the question directly, he simply told me that he thought it was cool that I posed the question in the first place. What disappointed me, on the other hand, was the fact that there were only a very few who responded that Jesus and Mohammed would call for their followers to cease fighting each other.

Foremost, I believe they would call for the fighting to end and I further believe that they must feel slightly sick at people who call themselves their followers are killing those of the other side in their name. Like the lyrics state, they would speak to each other like philosophers, listening to what the other had to say. They would not bash the other one's faith in an attempt to prove their right and the other wrong. Sure, they would most certainly disagree on some minute points but they would agree on many more. This brings me to another answer from when I posed this question. One stated that Mohammed would see Jesus's divinity for himself. There is nothing to say that he would or wouldn't but I would not attempt to get inside Mohammed's head on this. What I would say that once they parted company, both of them would have a mutual understanding and respect for the other.

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