I'll Always Stand By Victims of Bullying

I'll Always Stand By Victims of Bullying

May 8, 2018, 2:20:07 AM Opinion

Rolling on from my unexpected post about another victory for the bullies, I feel the need to go on more. Like I have said in the past, if I learn of any instance where a bullying victim gets the shaft for trying not to be a victim or stop the bullying, I will highlight it here. Some people might think that I am using being a victim of bullying to excuse any sort of behaviour, I'm not. However, I will not let an instance where the victim is the one done on account of some nonsensical technicality.

My last post was what exactly I am going on about. Here we have a girl who is being bullied, her mother reports it to the school but nothing is done about it. At least the mother isn't told of anything being done. Therefore, she puts a small digital recorder into her daughter's bag so she can hear for herself if her daughter is getting bullied. The recorder is found by a teacher and next thing, the mother is up on felony charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Tell me, what delinquent act is the daughter committing here? If there is any delinquency, it's that of the bullies! So again, we have a mother of a bullying victim, who only wants to find out how bad the bullying is, on some nonsense criminal charge. I shudder at the logic behind this. The worst thing is that this wasn't the first time I have posted about this and I sadly know it won't be the last.

In spite of what I have written above, I don't think being a bullying victim justifies everything. At least not those who commit a school shooting, even though when I reflect back to those three years of hell, whenever a school shooting occurs, I realize that, "This could have been me." Admittedly, when I read both "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult and "Endgame" by the late Nancy Garden, I found myself rooting for Peter and Gray when they were on trial for their shootings. However, while part of me wanted them to be found not guilty, I know in reality they weren't and deserved to be convicted. Being a bullying victim does not justify murder. Saying that, I don't think either of them deserved their life without parole sentences due to the circumstances. It was their experiences which influenced my decision when I wrote "He Was Weird," to make sure Mark wasn't taken alive when he committed his shooting.

Even though I experienced a lot of the hell that Mark goes through in the story, I don't feel justified for myself or him carrying out a school massacre. What writing "He Was Weird" accomplished was to exorcise those demons and move on. The bullying I suffered then doesn't effect me anymore. Back then, I never thought about taking any of the lives of my bullies and am glad I didn't.

Going back to the beginning, victims shooting up their school is a far cry from a victim or their parent getting arrested on some bullsh*t charge because they wanted to end the bullying. In many of these cases, the letter of the law was applied, in many cases by the school themselves and that gives me thought for my next post. Victims should be seen as such and not be subject to criminal punishment when they honestly and lawfully try to end the bullying.


Published by Michael Lefevre

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