I'm Not Alone With My Strange Thoughts

I'm Not Alone With My Strange Thoughts

Aug 25, 2017, 1:54:44 AM Creative

Throughout my life, I have been made to feel that there must be something wrong with me if I have interests which are not considered 'the norm.' What is normal anyway? There have been times when I have made to feel abnormal because of certain interests. In this case, as seen in last week's post, it is my excitement when I see women engaged in acts of physical aggression.

Maybe it's because of my Asperger's, though I'm not using it to justify, but I have openly admitted that I get enjoyment out of the above. However, I think most men do, at least I'm honest about it. Throughout my life, whenever a female fight broke out, all males in the vicinity flocked like predators to a wounded prey to watch and they'll be the most vocal about it. I've even witnessed occurrences in films and television where men have reacted the same way as if a live event. The problem is that most men don't want to admit it, especially around women. I have been in this boat as well. However, my problem is that I could never keep a lid on it for long. That's a trait of Asperger's, most people who have the condition are sometimes too brutally honest about things like that.

Another reason why I know I'm not alone with my thoughts on this subject is the fact that it has now become so available thanks to the internet. It is extremely simple for anyone to find a women's wrestling or a catfighting website. Plus there are plenty of material on Youtube. So if these things are so easily available, there must be a huge demand for it.

Before anyone simply writes this off as a typical man thing, I have also observed many women react the same way when men went at it. I mention in "He Was Weird" that at the elementary school, there seemed to be a fight every week. This was based on truth. There seemed to be that many fights at my school in fifth grade. Except for one girl bout, all the other fights were boys. When these broke out, the girls were just as quick as the boys to come, watch and cheer. Furthermore, there seems to be just as many females as males at pro wrestling events and I've heard ladies get rather vocal when fights broke out in ice hockey games. My own personal experience was when I went to a wrestling event and the advertised women's match never took place. I questioned this with the ring announcer who gave a plausible explanation for why that match never happened. However, when I was questioning it, some woman walking past remarked, "He's just mad because he couldn't perv out on the ladies." My response was, "So, it gave you another men's match for you to do that." She seemed to smile at that but I thought it was a good comeback.

[caption id="attachment_847" align="aligncenter" width="259"] Ronda Roussey and Michelle Rodriguez in Fast and Furious 7. Possibly the greatest movie female fight ever.[/caption]

Now that subject is exhausted let me move to another one where I don't think I'm alone in my opinion. This is the case of visiting Eastern Europe, which has become a popular tourist destination in the past thirty years. However, I have no desire to see Eastern Europe. If anything, I had more of an interest in visiting Eastern Europe before the last thirty years, when it was under Communism. I've been told if I said that to any Eastern European over thirty, they'd probably slap me and I wouldn't blame them. Communism did suck for those living under it at the time but I wanted to see that for myself. For me, the collapse of Communism has taken away my desire to go there. Now, Eastern Europe has become just another tourist trap.

I've been told that not many people share my view but I think there are more people who do than what those others think. Like me, Eastern Europe has lost its appeal to these people because it's not different on account of being ruled by Communism. I wonder how many. Now, I don't want those countries to go back to Communism just so I can visit. That wouldn't be right but don't expect me to want to go there.

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