No Need to Justify Myself, But..

No Need to Justify Myself, But..

Justifying myself has been something I did constantly throughout my early life. The reasons were mainly down to people not understanding where I was coming from or taking something I said totally the opposite direction from what I intended. This is a common occurrence with those who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and another reason as to why I think I'm on said spectrum. Then again, bullying came into play here as well. Either as an excuse to unleash or threaten violence on me, these people would intentionally misinterpret something I said or in the case of a third party, misrepresent or just simply lie to my tormentor(s). Often times, this feigned ignorance would be used as a source of amusement against me because I would find myself desperately trying to explain myself only for it to fall on deaf ears. I know now that many times, those ears were intentionally deaf.


Such an occurrence happened as a result of my post last week. Some who read that post on Facebook may have gotten the wrong idea about me saying that leaving America isn't the answer to Donald Trump. In one case, I was asked if I were in Nazi Germany, would I have said to the Jews they should stay. My answer would have been no. Hopefully Donald Trump will not be anything like Hitler but if he is, then those who are the most vulnerable to his persecutions should flee the country. But if he's not, then the best way to fight back against him is to stay and show your opposition to him, within the confines of the law of course. Yes, he may try to change the law to effect my last sentence but that opens up an entirely different debate which I won't go into now.

Another stems from the what has become commonly known as 'liberal intolerance.' The premise that liberals and those on the left believe that they alone are right that they refuse to hear any alternative opinions from those considered on the right or conservative. What's worse, is that the left begin calling these adversaries rednecks or stupid. Many of them are neither, they just have a view that you don't agree with. However, I have seen and heard the same type of intolerance from the right. Once, when I expressed concerns about mandatory drug testing, I was called a 'shit for brains drugger.' When I pointed out that Sweden hadn't fought a war in over 200 years, I was told to go live there. Furthermore, while the left called anyone voting for Trump a redneck, one person tried to dissuade me from voting for Jill Stein because the Green Party was socialist. Hey, they branded Obama that in two elections and it worked neither time.

One more point from last week: As predicted, the Democrats are blaming Jill Stein for Hilary Clinton's defeat and are calling Stein a spoiler. Well, the maths tell another story. After the election a poll was taken of Jill Stein voters asking how they would have voted if she wasn't on the ballot. Here are the results:

Only 25% said they would have voted for Clinton

14% said they would have voted for Trump

Most importantly, 61% said they would not have voted at all!

Proof that Jill Stein did not lose the election for Hilary



Since I feel like I'm on a roll, I'm going to justify myself with everything to get it all out in the open. In the past, with my Aspergers' and DAMP tendencies, I have been afraid of doing so for many reasons. So now, I'm not holding back and while you might not agree with me on some or many points, I hope you will respect my opinions for they come as a result of experience and not because I read some book or attended a lecture.

I sit just left of centre on the political fence. This is in British terms of where the fence lies. In American terms, I would be seen as a Trotskyite, Marxist, radical, I'm not I assure you. Yes, I did delve into Marx in the mid 80s but I have long since concluded that it is a nice theory that will never work in reality.

Nice guy probably but his theory is unworkable.

Nice guy probably but his theory is unworkable.

Anyone can be a perpetrator or victim of racism. While it is true that most of it is carried out by whites against non-whites, it certainly doesn't mean that racist acts carried out by non-white groups should be justified or ignored. Point: I've heard racial minorities say the same things against other minority groups that whites say. I've heard Africans call Asians 'Pakis' and Hispanics 'Spicks' and I've heard both of those call Blacks 'Niggers.' Pointing this out does not make me a racist. I think the only race we should all regard is the human race.

 I have no problem with anyone who follows a belief, philosophy or religion. All I ask is that you don't try to convert me around to your way of thinking because I believe that that's the root of the problem starts. Everyone should quietly live according to their own beliefs and not try to push theirs on anyone.

Having lived in two countries, there are things good about both of them. An example from each: The National Health Service does work in the UK. In the US, I see the benefit of lower or no tax on items such as clothes, food and petrol. Both countries do some things better than the other and vice versa.

I don't think the US 2nd Amendment, The Right to Bear Arms will ever be repealed. I sympathize with the argument that it has become outdated but it's been ingrained in the minds of too many Americans. In a post I wrote some months ago, I pointed out that there are plenty of gun laws in America to control it. However, these laws aren't being adequately enforced. That's just wrong, so let's start by doing that.

Now to the First Amendment, which I have used pretty much throughout this post. You have the right to tell me you disagree with me, I only ask that you do it without hurling insults or calling names. Furthermore, I think that right wing extremists and Muslim hate preachers should be allowed a platform to speak their views. This way, most reasonable people can see them for what they are. The BBC did this successfully when they allowed Nick Griffin, leader of the far right British National Party (BNP) on Question Time. There's hardly been a peep out of him since he was on that show.

This is me for all to see. I don't need to justify myself and in the future, if you should read something you don't agree with or are not clear on, just ask.

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