When I Need Some Uplifting

When I Need Some Uplifting

Sep 27, 2018, 1:48:28 AM Sport

Today, while shopping for the house I was working in, I had a bit more supermarket stress. It was based on the fact that I was looking for toad in the hole mix and they didn't have it. As usual, it seemed that every aisle I wanted to go down to look for it was crowded with people and I felt my anxiety levels begin to rise. Fortunately, I found some batter mix and bought that and even more fortunate, it was the right choice. Anxiety levels dropped after that.

We all have things that uplift us. Many of the song lyrics I have posted have done that job for me. However, the words I have found the most uplifting and motivating didn't come from any song. It comes from the film, "Miracle" about the big 1980 Olympic ice hockey game between the USA and USSR. The speech that coach Herb Brooks made, fantastically portrayed by Kurt Russell, was the big locker-room speech before the game. That speech was key in inspiring the underdog American team to the biggest upset in hockey history. If it could do that for them, it uplifts me and I'm sure those words can be an inspiration to many. Therefore, I would like to share it:


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