Why Am I So Weird? Would You Accept My Answer?

Why Am I So Weird? Would You Accept My Answer?

Throughout my childhood, I used to get asked the first question all the time. Often, the inquisitor's motive for asking was so (s)he could tease and patronize or even bully. Sometimes, I tried to give some waffled explanation but often times I would say "I don't know" because in all honesty, I didn't. On the rare occasion, I would make a stand and say something like, "Because I take after you." This met with mixed results, not all of them favourable.

Four decades or so on, after much self searching and outside research, I believe I can answer that question. I am utterly convinced that I have DAMP, (Deficiencies in Attention, Motor Skills and Perception) which is also linked to Asperger's Syndrome. My personal symptoms are the appearance that I talk to myself and go further by sometimes acting out what I'm thinking. These are the two major ones that have plagued me for so many years and gave many people the belief that I was weird or mentally retarded. I got called that a lot as a child. A less severe but relevant symptom is the fact that I don't always see things the way a so called 'normal' person would. This has also contributed to my branding and was worse with the more intolerant people of the world as well as some teachers. Then there was the one that people didn't see. What they saw is me appearing not to 'get it' and draw the conclusion I was some sort of thicko. What they didn't realize was that I was processing all the available factors in the problem, including ones that might not be relevant and trying to make sense of it all. Often, that would result in overload and sometimes melt down but to many, that was sufficient evidence that I was weird or other things. In reality, it was just my DAMP and Aspergers Syndrome that was the force behind it all.


Now that I have answered the first question, it is time for me to ask the second one. Do you accept my explanation? I honestly believe that if I were to return to the town and meet the people who influenced my writing of "He Was Weird," they wouldn't be so accepting of my explanation. They would accuse me of making up my condition because after all, I was such a liar back then, why should anything change? Sorry, I can't show the sarcasm intended in that last part of the last sentence. Many of them would simply say that I'm just trying to make up that condition in order to elicit sympathy. No, I don't want people feeling sorry for me. Whatever the reason, most of those involved wouldn't accept my explanations for being "so weird" back then, especially if it contradicts their thin justifications for the bullying they put on me then. So, I'm not going to worry about what those narrow minded persons think. However, as for you reading this, I hope you will take the evidence on board and make up your own mind and hopefully will accept my explanation.

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