How to make money on computer games?

How to make money on computer games?

Jul 30, 2018, 7:41:00 PM Entertainment

"The game is a kind of unproductive activity, where the apparent motive lies not in its result, but in the process itself" - this definition can be used to characterize most interactive activities but even then it doesn't quite correspond to reality.

And although in most gambling games the victory depends on luck, there are always those for whom the game is the main, and sometimes the only source of income.

Today, when the Internet has become a source of "everything", it has a huge amount of platforms like:, which offer to play and earn money at the same time.

The bright design of the site, the success stories of "ordinary people" and large amounts of winnings entice gullible users into a game that can be an ordinary "scam". But we will not generalize. As you know, everything is relative, and you can still make money on games.

MMORPG characters and items selling

The genre of online role-playing games (MMORPG) opens the door to a fantastic universe where you can live a different life: to become a great warrior or mighty magician. These games are arranged in the way to get players dragged in for a long period of time. For months even years, the character of the player, as a rule, reaches a high level and acquires valuable trophies. If at some point the player decides to "give up", he can sell someone an account and earn money. Of course, games' terms and conditions prohibit external trades. So the current method of earnings should be accomplished privately. By the way, it is typical not only for MMORPG.

The system of selling accounts exists in games like "World of Tanks", "WOW" and other popular online entertainment. The average cost of an account is $100-500. Sometimes you can sell individual game items or currency. In private, in this way, you can not make big money, but with the proper luck and the ability to bargain you can make a quick buck. Thus, some players in "World of Warcraft" for a rare item will agree to shell out 500-600 euros.

"Find gold-sell gold"

There are games with the so-called "withdrawal of money." That is, there are games where you can exchange in-game currency for real money.

At the roots of these games lies "Fun Farms" - a game in which it was required to grow and harvest, which was then sold for money. The peculiarity of such games is that they require investments. Or rather, do not require, but gently and persistently asked to make a little donation for various bonuses. This is done allegedly on a voluntary basis, but without these investments, it will not be possible to play in principle - there are strict restrictions on the pumping of the character, game resources or weapons.

Among such games there are instances where the money exchange was raised to the absolute: for example, in "Money Birds" the player is invited to buy a chicken and watch how she lays eggs. More birds - more eggs, more income, but only 50% is always converted.

"Place your bets, gentlemen"

It may seem surprising, but it's true. In an online casino you can win. And sometimes you can even win good money.

Several months ago, almost every digital news platform was highlighting another lucky bastard, who won a jackpot playing "Mega Fortune" online slot.

In live online casinos players struggle to beat real opponents, Such "trusted" gaming establishments exist in those countries where online gambling is legal. The USA does not belong to such countries. There are dozens of resources that offer to "play and win"  

Very commonly you can get into the trap of "scammers", so be sure to check the blacklist of illegal casinos. Do not forget that usually, players of online casinos do not come for big money, but for thrills.

"Become the master"

For those who lost their money in questionable games, there is an option to stand on the other side, that is, create a game yourself.

Yes, it is possible, and no, you do not need to be a famous game designer or programmer. Game market literally teems with various browser games of different genres, but of the same quality and purpose. Of course, in order to concoct and unwind even the most stupid game, you will need at least a bit knowledge of Android development and some investments. Still, the abundance of such games suggests that there is a demand for them and they bring some kind of income, and the most successful ones do not lose popularity for years. Games like "RuneScape" or "Travian" have existed since the beginning of the 2000s and still bring profit to their creators.

You can earn on the Internet. And you can do it differently. The main problem of the Internet in this regard is its accessibility and immensity.

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