NFL Power Rankings 2021: Where Does Every Team Stand?

NFL Power Rankings 2021: Where Does Every Team Stand?

NFL Power Rankings 2021: Where Does Every Team Stand?

Sep 8, 2021, 9:00:19 PM Sport

The NFL Power Rankings are back. The NFL editors of Fpal will assess the teams on a weekly basis during the season on composition, form and performance. In the off-season, we will also come back from time to time to discuss the current state of play. Now that the draft is over and the teams are largely known, this is an ideal time to take a look at how the teams are doing.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the best team of the last three years and have kept all the key players. The biggest question mark was the offensive line. The Kansas City Chiefs have put a lot of money into this, including through the Ravens' trade for Orlando Brown , but they're not done yet. With a well protected Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs are again the big favorite in the AFC.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have managed to keep their championship squad intact. And why not? The formula has already proven successful. Can Tampa become the first team since 2004 to defend its title? Much will depend on Tom Brady . There will come a time when we will notice that the quarterback is getting a year older. However?

3. Buffalo Bills

The Bills' off-season was unspectacular, but given the situation in Buffalo, that's more good news than bad. The gap with the two title favorites still seems large, but adequate draft capital has been put into the much-needed edge rushers. Josh Allen will also have to continue his development from last year if the Bills really want to take the last step towards the top.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Is Rashod Bateman the receiver the Ravens desperately need? The Ravens' only weak point is Lamar Jackson 's group of receivers . In free agency, the team was unable to find reinforcements here. It was therefore somewhat of a certainty that the Ravens would draft a receiver in the first round. Still, they seem to have to look down towards the Browns rather than narrow the gap with the top three.

5. Cleveland Browns

The Browns' off-season looks great on paper. The team took out John Johnson and Troy Hill in free agency and Greg Newsome II in the first round of the draft. A big boost for the secondary; the team's weak spot last season. It is not for nothing that the team is seen as one of the winners of the draft . The roster now seems complete and the Cleveland Browns are a serious title contender in the AFC North.

6. Green Bay Packers

A week ago, the Packers would have been in the top three. The drop is not so much due to the draft, but mainly because of the rumors surrounding Aaron Rodgers . Last season's MVP again expressed his dissatisfaction with Green Bay and wanted to leave. It won't happen soon, but it's not good for the atmosphere. Can Rodgers put everything aside and bring it up next year to give everything for the franchise?

7. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have a new quarterback in Matthew Stafford . The question is to what extent he is really an improvement over Jared Goff . The ejected playmaker has more play-off victories than his successor seven years older. So the pressure on Stafford is enormous to prove that the constant failure in Detroit is due to the coaching and front office and not him.

8. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were close to a surprise win over the Ravens in the playoffs. So the potential is there. Everything will depend on the new quarterback's play. Can Carson Wentz approach his level of the Super Bowl year? Or have all the injuries taken their toll and he can't do any better than he showed in Philadelphia last year? If the latter is the case, the Colts may well forget a playoff appearance.

9. Seattle Seahawks

The playoff elimination was painful against a battered Rams team. There were no real reinforcements in the off-season. The Seahawks were really only in the news because of Russell Wilson 's dissatisfaction with the club and the lack of protection he has been given. Looks like the golden years of the Seahawks aren't coming back anytime soon.

10. Tennessee Titans

Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis have left the club and the Titans have been unable to secure a replacement. The attack therefore consists of Derrick Henry and AJ Brown. Furthermore, Ryan Tannehill hardly has any options. Defensively, Bud Dupree should improve a bit, but it's not enough to make up for the loss.

11. Arizona Cardinals

The team to keep an eye on next year. Led by Kyler Murray , the team already made a big step and only just missed the play-offs. The defense has been strengthened even further with JJ Watt . Larry Fitzgerald is probably retiring, but that void needs to be filled with AJ Green . All the ingredients are there for the Cardinals to play a serious role in the NFC West.

12. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins just keep building. Four picks in the first two rounds and that from a team that won ten games and missed the play-offs in one game. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick left natural, but that may develop Tua Tagovailoa or unpack once well. The chance that he will be put on the bench if things go a bit less, is therefore a lot smaller.

13. San Francisco 49ers

Rookie quarterbacks rarely make the playoffs. The big question is what the San Francisco 49ers are up to. The squad is all built to win now, but the key position is still a big question mark. The move from the FCS will likely be huge for Trey Lance, who only played one game last year due to the corona pandemic. It ensures that the expectations of the Niners are modest.

14. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys seem to be on their way back to the playoffs. If only because the team is the favorite in another weak NFC East. Dak Prescott should be fit in time. After his injury, everyone has seen how valuable he is to Dallas. The defense was the main Achilles heel of the team before Prescott's injury. The first six players the Cowboys chose in the draft were all defenders. It therefore looks good for the biggest disappointment of the past year.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers started off strong last season, but it fell like a house of cards at the end of the year. The running game has been strengthened, but the strong defense, the most important base of last year, Dupree lost to Tennessee. Ben Roethlisberger is not good enough to make up for this loss and the Steelers will sink considerably.

16. New Orleans Saints

The supporting cast is there in New Orleans, but will the loss of Drew Brees break up the team? Due to the enormous expenditure of recent years, the team has not become stronger in width. It therefore seems to be a transition year in the Big Easy. A new appearance in the play-offs is therefore not a certainty.

17. LA Chargers

Can Justin Herbert Take the Next Step? The fan favorite surprised everyone in year 1. Can he still do it when expectations go up? In any case, the offensive line has been strengthened considerably, so it can't be that. The big question is therefore: can the team under Brandon Staley finally attract the exciting matches?

18. New England Patriots

The Patriots are the big winners of free agency. At least when it comes to the amount of money spent. The big question is whether all the puzzle pieces fit together. And what will Mac Jones do? Will he soon be able to play Cam Newton off the field? What about the receivers? There are many reinforcements in the squad, but not in this part. It ensures that the Patriots may improve slightly, but the AFC is so strong in breadth that making the playoffs will be quite a task.

19. Minnesota Vikings

Will the defense be good enough next season to participate in the play-offs? That remains the big question. The Vikings did their best to strengthen the unit, but is Patrick Peterson good enough? Can all rookies immediately make their mark? Last season, the inexperience regularly turned out to be the reason that the Vikings could not show it.

20. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are a team that could surprise everyone this year. Fewer embarrassing defeats and the Falcons are almost back in the game. In any case, the Falcons' games are going to be great to watch. The offense with Matt Ryan , Julio Jones , Calvin Ridley and now Kyle Pitts is a defense nightmare. At the same time, they themselves give up points just as hard. A small improvement here too and the Falcons could easily set a winning record.

21. Chicago Bears

GM Ryan Pace was under pressure in Chicago and then you have to act. The trade for Justin Fields was aggressive, but if Fields becomes the quarterback he appeared to be a year ago, he will be worth every pick given. He only has Allen Robinson to throw at for now. The pressure on the defense will remain strong to repeat this year's success.

22. Washington Football Team

Alex Smith was a great story last season, but so was Fitzmagic in Miami. Fitzpatrick did that by hitting a surprisingly high level. If he can do this in Washington too, it is just possible that the club from the capital will win the division title again. If successful, Football Team will undoubtedly become the club's final name.

23. Denver Broncos

Denver is the light version of San Francisco. A good roster now that the defensive holes are filled, but still a problem at quarterback. It is therefore a surprise that the Broncos did not choose Fields or Mac Jones in the draft. Maybe that trade for Aaron Rodgers is closer than the fans in Green Bay think? With Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater , the play-offs will in any case not be made.

24. Carolina Panthers

The team had fully bet on Deshaun Watson , but all his private troubles make a trade impossible. Then Sam Darnold is a step back. The young quarterback's job is to show that all of New York's troubles were mainly because of Adam Gase and that he really has the potential to become a legitimate NFL starter. He must feel the confidence, because the Carolina Panthers had the chance to draft a quarterback, but chose the defense.

25. Las Vegas Raiders

We saw the importance of the offensive line in the Super Bowl, but apparently the Raiders' club officials were in one of the casinos during that game ( can't blame them ). However, the Raiders have made significant sacrifices on the offensive line. The mysterious selection of Alex Leatherwood cannot change that. It seemed that Jon Gruden was slowly building a better squad, but this is clearly a step back.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

This is the team of Jalen Hurts . If anyone was still in doubt, the Eagles have now made it clear. Wentz is gone and in the draft it was chosen for reinforcements in the attack. DeVonta Smith should be the quarterback's new toy. The road up seems to be on, but it will be a while before the Eagles can show another Philly Special in the Super Bowl.

27. New York Giants

It will be a pivotal year for quarterback Daniel Jones . The team has brought one of the best wide receivers to the Big Apple with Kenny Golladay . With the return of Saquon Barkley , Jones has the people around him to get the most out of his game. Whether that is good enough to participate is still the question. The Giants' ranking says enough about our expectations.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence is tasked with fulfilling all expectations. It won't be easy, because Jacksonville had the worst record in the NFL for a reason. Urban Meyer takes the time to build the squad, because in free agency Jacksonville remained fairly calm. The fact that the Jaguars are not last in this ranking is therefore entirely due to Lawrence.

29. Cincinnati Bengals

It was a miracle it took Joe Burrow this long to get injured in his first season, because the offensive line was a disaster. In Cincinnati they are apparently not completely convinced yet, because a lot of effort was not made to strengthen the o-line. The question is whether the new additions can ensure that Burrow can finish the season.

30. New York Jets

The Jets seem to be running something of a normal policy. Read that sentence again. It's really there. There was no excessive spending in free agency like elsewhere in the division (read: Patriots). With Robert Saleh, the Jets also opted for a seemingly capable coach. It remains to be seen whether everyone can cope with this cultural shift. The only question mark is the quarterback. Is Zach Wilson really the best quarterback in the draft after Lawrence?

31. Detroit Lions

The Lions are really starting all over again. The club granted Stafford a stay with a serious franchise and took over Jared Goff's mega contract. Golladay was also let go without a fight. Probably because biting off kneecaps isn't the receiver's strongest point, as new coach Dan Campbell demands of his players. It's that there's a club in Texas that manages to make an even bigger mess of it, but what's happening in Detroit has nothing to do with Power .

32. Houston Texans

It's almost amazing how the Texans have slipped from a playoff squad with enormous potential to the laughingstock of the NFL in such a short time. And that in a league where the Jets and Jags were together on one (!) victory for a long time last season. Star player Deshaun Watson logically wanted to leave and the chances were enough to start over. A series of lawsuits later, that option is also gone. What remains is a smoking mess that everyone prefers to walk around with a big bow.

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