How to Value Your Antiques Online?

How to Value Your Antiques Online?

Apr 17, 2021, 10:39:53 AM Business

Antique pieces can evoke a diverse range of reactions in people. Some of them love antiques, some associate them with family history, and some absolutely distaste them. However, antiques are worth a lot of money. Online antique valuation is a great way to get a proper appraisal for your antique. However, to determine the exact value of your antique online, certain factors need to be noted.

Knowing your antique pieces is extremely important as not everything old will worth a fortune. Whether you are trying to sell an antique piece or just going for an old art valuation, a guide to comprehend your antique's value is essential.

So, we have put together certain factors that will help you get all the information required for online antique valuation. 

Examining the antique and digging in deep

To understand the value of your antique, it is crucial for you to get all the information needed. More often than not, online valuation can undervalue your item. Many free online valuations can offer a lower price for your product. Apart from that, some companies offer and value your item according to their buying price.

To avoid getting undervalued, examine the item properly. For jewellery valuation or even for an old watch valuation, think about the place from where it was bought. Has it been in your family for years? Or did you get the piece from an estate sale? The place will help you to determine the worth. Consider the craftsmanship and materials used to make the item.

Browse some antique stores online to find similar items

It is always better to educate yourself before completely trusting an online antique valuation service. You can visit some online antique stores to see if they are selling similar-looking items.

Some online auction sites, like Etsy or eBay, help to search for similar items that have been sold recently. This way, you can at least have a broad understanding of what price range your item will get evaluated.

Beware of inaccurate evaluation

Trusting a person with such sensitive information may seem overwhelming. A lot of free online antique valuation reports only provide the auction estimate.

However, it is always better to get a detailed report on your item- the composition, historical insights, important dates, and others. But before trusting the person on the other end, research to find out their capabilities. Learn about their background, experiences, how do they find information, the time they need for valuation, etc.

Choosing the correct website

There are a number of websites where appraisals are done. But not every website can do the right valuations for everything. Just like for each department, we have experts who specialise in a particular aspect; you need to find a website that specialises in your item. There are sites for art valuation, jewellery valuation, furniture valuation, and so on. Therefore, choose accordingly!

Taking good quality photographs

Online valuations depend entirely on pictures, so it is vital to get good quality photos for correct valuation. The photographs should be well-lit, non-edited, and from every angle.

Hiding or brushing up the flaws can negatively impact your estimate and will not go well if you are trying to sell the item.

Don’t touch or tamper the item

There is a misconception that the appraisal will be better if they clean or restore an item. But the truth is quite the opposite of it. A lot of times, it has been seen an item can get lowered in value after cleaning or being touched repeatedly. It is best to store the item in a safe, humid-free place. Your hired expert will tell if you need any restoration done to the item to increase the value.

Knowing the market beforehand

Just like before buying a piece of expensive jewellery, you would try to gauge the market; antique valuation is no different from that. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sell an item or not, but before hiring someone, know the market thoroughly.

An online antique valuation can often take weeks, especially if they are free. During this time, research on your own so that you don’t get undervalued or overvalued. You can talk to experts about a similar item and ask what they think. Enlisting your item on specific sites can cost money, which will account for sales taxes.

Getting an expert valuation

The team of experts at Prestige Valuations specialises in antique jewellery valuation and watch valuation services. Connect with them to get the correct price for your item and a complete report specifying finer details about your antique piece.

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