All-Day Breakfast Specials at Sugarmill Family Restaurant

All-Day Breakfast Specials at Sugarmill Family Restaurant

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is so important that you find offers of breakfast all day long. You know the other meals of the day don't get that as much attention. But the truth is, if it is great breakfast you are looking for, you have to be more than picky. You have to keep your eyes peeled open. I did, and I found breakfast specials at Sugarmill Family Restaurant.

Hit The Road, Jack

This was one day when we took the car out one morning. And I had a big hankering for breakfast food. Amidst the lush greens, we approached this small commercial arcade by the roadside. The restaurant read, "Sugarmill Family Restaurant." It called out to us almost immediately. In no time, we were in there.

The Breakfast Crowd

The Breakfast Crowd

It was a quiet morning inside the restaurant. But it made me feel right at ease. There were soft cushy chairs, vinyl lined floral tables. Coffee cups were kitschy, mixy-matchy.  It felt like we walked in on someone's informal kitchen and/or dining room. It was simple and unpretencious, very homey. Definitely, my kind-a-place...

Sugarmill Family Restaurant's Breakfast Specials

Sugarmill's Breakfast Specials: Great selection

Sugarmill's Breakfast Specials: Great selection

As I was faced with this menu, my mind was in a daze. How will I choose what I like? I like them all! Bold letters read "Country Fried Steak w/ Gravy, 2 Eggs & Home Fries 6.25," Nooooooo. That would take home the prize for world's healthiest breakfast!

I came to my senses and chose a  somewhat healthier option - a Spinach and Feta Omelette. Our server was quick to say that it was an excellent choice, and that it was her favorite item on the menu. I believed her as soon as I  saw my plate right out of the kitchen.

The veggie cheezy taste of Spinach and Feta Omelette

My Spinach and Feta Omelette, served with Home Fries

The omelette came with home fries and onions, buttered rye on toast. It tasted healthy, you have to believe me. The perfect blend of leafy and cheezy, fresh and salty, I was happy with my choice.

Another side dish of corned beef hash

Sugarmill's side dish of Corned Beef Hash

I was curious what corned beef hash looked like in the US. The only corned beef hash I know was the canned ones we get off the supermarket shelves in the Philippines. I was surprised this is how it's served around here. I'm happy learned something new that day.


Even Splenda has the red, white and blue on it. A mental note that yes, I am in the U.S.

The Star of Sugarmill's All Day Breakfast Show

Who'd say no to a siding of biscuits and gravy? Not me!

Sugarmills' Biscuits and Gravy

Sugarmill's Biscuits Bathed in Gravy

I am a buttermilk deprived person! This is one thing we never find in Manila. We always have to make do with buttermilk substitute. So, please bear with me if I overreact at the sight of biscuits and gravy.  I closed my eyes with every scoop off this dish. It was creamy, smoky, peppery- just downright decadent.

A Special Breakfast Experience at Sugarmill

What can I say about Sugarmill Family Restaurant? Their breakfast specials are awesome. You can't beat the price tag on 'em. I had my currency calculator in tow. I was quickly computing how much the dishes cost in Philippine pesos. 300 pesos for a three egg omelette, with amazing sidings, homefries, rye toast? A dollar and change for unlimited coffee? Oh my, where in Manila could I get these prices?

I searched on Yelp if this was a restaurant chain. It does not appear so. It looks like it is a homegrown joint, which makes it much more endearing. I did notice that it attracts an older crowd. But hey, they are the ones who know where the good food is! Service is warm and friendly. It did take a while for our dishes to come out of the kitchen. I guess it was our queue to slow down and enjoy our breakfast, that was part of the charm that this restaurant has.

So, Sugarmill, we will be back for that Country Fried Steak breakfast.  I got your number.

The Sugarmill Business Card

Got your digits, Sugarmill

See you soon!

Sugarmill Family Restaurant
Servos Sq., 5446 Hwy.19 South
Homosassa, Florida 34446
(352) 628-0880



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