Patty Melt It Like It's Hot

Patty Melt It Like It's Hot

Sep 25, 2016, 1:44:26 PM Life and Styles

It was one of those Saturday night theme dinners for friends and family. We wondered what we will prepare this. It should be one that will bring delight for kids and adults alike, a theme that's almost universal and timeless. A New York Diner's Dinner...

It was a short menu. No frills, just honest to goodness action on the griddle. Patty melt, sweet potato fries, homemade ranch dressing, mesclun salad topped with fruit bits and rootbeer float for drinks.

The sizzle created a smokestorm all around the kitchen and through to Mom's elegantly appointed dining hall. No one seemed to care -- it was a meatlovers' night!!

For the patties, we needed a mix of lean and fat. These produced the juiciest and most tender burgers. We choose grass fed Australian beef to make sure it was of top quality. For that, we mixed in one part chuck, one part brisket, half part sirloin. The patties weighed a third of a pound each, that fit perfectly in a sandwich of super jumbo whole wheat loaf. (We picked the Herran variety, a supermarket brand here in Manila)

For the cheese, we couldnt find Emmenthal available by the bulk that wasn't so pricey. This time, we opted for a Dutch Edam. The right mix of sweet, sharp, and salty for the Filipino taste.

We spent some time preparing sliced buttered mushrooms, and a bit more to caramelize our onions. Then, the assembly line was ready!

A quick view of our griddle action.

And the finished product?

Burger nirvana...

Thank you Ms. Anna Carmina Torres for the fabulous photos and video! :)

P.S. This article was originally published in my personal blog, Chowpowwows, where chow is always on the lowdown.

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