Street Food: Noodles (2nd of 4 parts)

This time , we travel to Northern Thailand, in our pursuit of another street style noodle soup. Our itchy feet take us to Chiang Mai.

I put on my tourist’s hat first before searching for my next noodle soup discovery. I was impressed with the influx of tourists in Chiang Mai. They were all over the place. I would not blame them. Chiang Mai is charming, laid back and offers a lot of attractions for all types of travellers.

We walked no end during our brief stint in Chiang Mai, hopping from one temple to another. My favorite was the Wat Chedi Luang. Most of the photos I kept were taken there.


Monks walking around the Wat Chedi Luang Complex; Photo by Michelle Africa


Massive Buddha at Rest; Photo by Michelle Africa


During our walk, we found an oasis in the middle of nowhere. One look at its facade and we were lured to come in. The Anantara in Chiang Mai is a sight to behold! What I’d give to take a dip in this pool…


Anantara's Lap Pool by the River; Photo by Michelle Africa


We spent afternoon tea there, to find shade after hours and hours of walking under the sun.

Anantara's Dining Al Fresco; Photo by Michelle Africa


After our day tour, we immersed ourselves in the vibe of the famous Night Bazaar. I didn’t get to do a lot of shopping. I didn’t feel the need to. Just watching people pass by, vendors at their stalls, on the streets, on their bike carts. It was simply fascinating to be in this vast space, right in the middle of the action. Textile, souvenirs, apparel and food!

After a while, it was time to sit down and get into the food. I could not help but be in the moment, tuktuks passing by, to and fro.. Chattering vendors and buyers alike.. Haggling in all forms.. This atmosphere can’t be beat.

I realized soon enough how hungry I was. I was ready to claim my reward. And that was  a steaming hearty bowl of Khao Soi.

Curry soup noodle goodness; Photo by Michelle Africa


According to Deepti Kapoor, in his article published in The Guardian, Khao Soi is Chiang Mai’s famous noodle soup. Its Coconut Curry broth is a pool swimming with egg noodles, chicken, lime, chili, mustard leaves. It was the right amount of spicy, hearty, yummy.

The sights and luxuries of Chiang Mai marked my short trip there. But the feeling of feasting on my Khao Soi, while the Night Bazaar buzzed around me is my fondest memory of Chiang Mai. It just captured the essence of how the street food scene can get really exciting.

On to the next!

P.S. This article was originally published in my personal blog, Chowpowwows, where chow is always on the lowdown. 

Anantara Chiang Mai
123-123/1 Charoen Prathet Road,
Changklan, Muang,
Chiang Mai 50100

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