100+ [Home]School Supplies for $15

100+ [Home]School Supplies for $15

Y'all know it is that season where we begin to slightly panic because for most of us, school is starting in 4 weeks or less! This means rushing through finding the rest of what's going to be used for curriculum. . . pinning every other Pinterest find in hopes of returning to it when needed. . . and making that looooong list of supplies that will be needed.

From decorating your school room or area to the must-haves for that special unit study craft - I've compiled a list of supplies that you are sure to bring you a bang for your buck!

Oh, and I didn't mention where these great items are. . . . THE DOLLAR TREE!

If you don't have a Dollar Tree, I'm sure there is something similar to it somewhere near you. . . gotta be! If not, there is always dollartree.com!
Here's the infamous list of awesome stuff I found (and remember each item is ONLY $1):

  • pack of pencils (12 count)
  • room decor
  • wall borders
  • storage container
  • 3-compartment plastic caddy
  • large rectangular storage basketcaddy.jpg
  • 2-pack educational posters
  • 1" 3-ring binder
  • reproducible worksheet pack (20-25 pages)
  • K-1st educational workbook (32 pages)
  • theme-related sticker activity book
  • homework helper educational workbook
  • Elmer's glue pens (3 pack)
  • markers (8 pack)
  • 2-pocket folders (3 count)

What makes this such an incredible find is nine out of the 15 items listed can be used over reproducible.jpgand over! If you're like me, that's a big deal! BIG! Three of the items will take awhile to use up (pencils, markers, and glue); while several of the others can be reproduced before using them (education workbooks)!

You can even make your decor and posters last longer by getting them laminated!

Now of course there are other necessities like crayons, notepads, notebook paper, etc. that you can also get there; but, watch places like Walmart and Kroger for unbelievable deals on that stuff. They usually end up being crazy prices like $.50 or $.25 per pack of paper, box of crayons, etc.

I hope you take advantage of your local Dollar Tree (or store similar) for your homeschool decor.jpgsupplies because hey - they definitely have some amazing stuff!!

Published by Michelle Huddleston

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